Your Neck: Part of Your Back Too

When performing a lift in which we ask our backs to bear the load (such as the deadlift earlier this week, or back squats Thursday), we want to keep our spine in the best possible position to most efficiently execute the movement, and avoid injury.  A rigid, neutral position is best.  Your spine runs all the way from your butt to the base of your skull, and if any segment is in flexion or extension your back is not in neutral, this includes your neck.

KP's neck, which also happens to be part of her back.

We work hard to tighten up before approaching the bar for a lift, but as soon as we look up for help from a higher power, or look down to make sure our feet are still there, the neutral position has been lost, and cannot be reclaimed.  If your neck is not in neutral, your spine is not in neutral, and therefor not in the best position.  Remember this as we squat tomorrow.  Practice it at light weights, carry it forward to new PRs, and lock it up.

October 28th, 2010

Strength: High Bar Back Sqaut 5-5-5-5-5

WOD: 2 Rounds:
500m Row
100 Double Unders


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25 thoughts on “Your Neck: Part of Your Back Too”

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  2. Did clean practice instead of squat.

    WOD: 9:54 Rx

    Bonus WOD:

    As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
    7 Squat Cleans 40 kg
    7 Ring Dips
    7 Wall Balls 30 lbs

    2 or 3 rds + 17

      1. I actually decided to end my crossfit career on a high note and walk away after beating heather last night.

        .. or i was just waaay too sore/tired to make it in there at 6 AM this morning. i’m sorry!! i don’t know how you guys wod at night and then in the morning the next day, it kills me!

      2. went to bed @ 1:30am, there was no way i was going to wake up in 3.5hrs and workout with justin – even though he txt’ed me at 6am cursing and swearing at me…

  3. HBBS: 80 kg – I’m happy with this because a month ago 80 was my 1 Rep Max.
    WOD: 10:14 with singles. Need to learn DUs.

  4. HBBS: 90kg – My prior 5 best is 100kg, so I was way off that mark. Yesterday’s workout has made every part of my body sore. I feel like I fought a freight train. Just couldn’t get loose. With that being said…
    WOD: 7:58 – Even feeling as bad as I do, these are two motions that are in my wheelhouse. Happy with the sub 8.

  5. Lots o’ fail…the wheels have been coming off the train this week, so to speak. Not enough sleep, food, etc and I have no one to blame but myself. Thanks to everyone who prodded me on as I F-bombed my way through the single-unders. Tomorrow’s a new day…

  6. HBBS – 49kg! PSYCHED because that’s more than body weight and my previous 1 rep max was 45.

    WOD: 9:41 with singles. gotttttta work on my doubles

  7. HBBS: 70 kg (prob could have pushed harder here- worked on form with hopes my leg is on the mend) 70 was a challenge however for 5!

    WOD: 11:24 RX This was about keep pushing and I could only string max 10 DU together in a row so took some time- but felt good!

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