WOD – Monday, November 6th 2017 – Conditioning

Dear CF Fenway Members,

As some of you may have heard Coach Nikita’s last day will be Friday, November 10th.  Nikita has made an awesome impression on all of us both the coaches and you guys as athletes.

With Nikita leaving there definitely be questions such as, will there be olympic weightlifting at CF Fenway anymore? What will we do with the platform?  Is anyone as handsome or as good as Nikita going to take over. We have some answers.

1.We will continue to have an olympic/power lifting classes.  It will be 2-3 days a week with a full detailed schedule coming up.

2.The platform is going to be ripped out.

3.The handsome man himself owner and gentleman Mr. Josh Plosker will be taking over for the short time until we find a great replacement.

4.With Nikita leaving and the platform being removed we will be adding some extra classes that are here to stay to enhance your guys experience at CF Fenway.  We will be adding a rowefficient class, gymnastics class, womens only BB club and we will be doing 1 all coaches seminar per month where we pin point a specific movement or skill set and work on that.


*If you have any questions feel free to talk to either Mike or Molly, and feel free to shoot us an email. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

1 min step-ups each leg
10 SA Russian KB swings
1 min box jump step-downs
10 KB snatches

Back Squat 3RM – (30×1)

3 rounds
20 SA KB push Press – 10 each arm (53/35)
20 Box Step Overs – hold KB however you want (24/20)