WOD – 4-11-16

*Tomorrow is opening day for the Boston Red sox.  The Red sox schedule is on the schedule tab of our website. The game is at 2pm tomorrow.


* Fran, Fight Gone Bad, One rep max lifts: these are our CrossFit benchmarks that let us know if we are improving and what we need to continue to work on. But what are our benchmarks with mobility work, and how do we know if we are improving? Enter, FMS.

FMS stands for the Functional Movement Screen. The goal of the screen is to reduce dysfunctional movement – mobility, imbalances, and/or weakness issues. If you continue to train in a dysfunctional manner, you will be putting yourself at risk for injury and decrease your ability to workout at your highest level.

Dr. Wes Hendricks will be at CrossFit Fenway Tuesday April 12th at 4pm-5pm to do the test, it is open for 3 people only…sign up on Mind Body. He will be scheduling more in the future, as well as a seminar on May 12th at CF Fenway (more details to come)!

This is an excellent opportunity for you to identify what exactly is holding you back and walk away with clear direction on how to fix it.

            Rigsby Foundation WOD!!!!!!!



EMOM x 8
odd = 8/6 cal row + 6 light KB swings
even = :30 plank hold + 8 air squats
hip and ankle mobility

Front Squat Build to a heavy single in 12 min
then: EMOM x 3  – 2 front squats @80%

21-18-15 – Cal row
9-9-9 – Hang Power clean (135-155-175)(95/105/125)