WOD – 3-2-16


-The noon squad crushing it today! It was MK’s first class from finishing her on ramp. Welcome MK!!!!

  • Great opening day today! So excited about the response from you guys about the looks of the gym, the feel and once again we truly appreciate the positive support of this awesome community!
  • Lets make sure we continue to sign in for classes please!

Step by step process to sign in

1. Click link Mind Body online class sign in
2. Enter email/username and password
3. Click on Crossfit Classes tab
4. Click “next week”
5. This now shows all scheduled class times (5am/6am/7am/9am/noon/4pm/5pm/6pm/7pm)…you MUST sign in for class! If you are having trouble this week, please come see Molly!


CrossFit Opens
This week 16.2 will be our Friday WOD.

Saturday from 9:30-11am will be open to perform 16.2 as well at CF Fenway! Come on down and cheer on each other!!


1 min singles
rest :30
1 min doubles
6 min to build to a high box jump for the day
review and drill 3 pos power clean

12 min strict to build to a max for the day 3 position power clean
Position 1 = vertical hang power clean
Position 2 = mid thigh hang power clean
Position 3 = hang power clean

3 sets
:30 Max effort Hang power cleans (95/65)
:30 Max effort box jump overs (24/20)
25 KB Swings
Rest 4 min after each set