WOD – 3-15-16

*Reminder please have all your personal gear (shoes, knee sleeves, belts etc…) out by Friday.  We are growing and need space for all classes to put their stuff in cubbies.

*Another reminder for all classes.  You have a 2 step process to sign in.  Step 1= sign into class using your phone or any device. Step 2= use your key fab to check in once you arrive at the gym. Thanks for all your help!!!




100m row x 3
*in between each set 15 abmat situps + 50ft single arm oh kb carry
*shoulder mobility

Build to a max push jerk + split jerk for the day with a 3 sec pause in both catches

“Lactic Threshold test”
2 sets
250m row
10 kb swings
10 burpees
10 kb swings
10 burpee
10 kb swings
250m row
– rest 8 min
– these are all out efforts!