WOD – 3-1-16 – CF FENWAY 3.0 OPENING DAY!!!!!!!


– the new bar is BADASS!!

Step by step process to sign in

1. Click link Mind Body online class sign in
2. Enter email/username and password
3. Click on Crossfit Classes tab
4. Click “next week”
5. This now shows all scheduled class times (5am/6am/7am/9am/noon/4pm/5pm/6pm/7pm)…you MUST sign in for class! If you are having trouble this week, please come see Molly!
6. 60 people have signed in using the MindBody App 🙂  Good work!


CrossFit Opens
This week 16.2 will be our Friday WOD.

Saturday from 9:30-11am will be open to perform 16.2 as well at CF Fenway! Come on down and cheer on each other!!



12 cal row
30 abmat situps
12 ring pushups
– shoulder mobility
– review and drill push press

Build to a 1rm strict press
****after completion of strict press lock-out  do a Max effort set of push press at your 1rm strict press (once you rest more than 1 sec anywhere your set is over)
rest 3 min and repeat just the push press for 1 more max effort set

– before WOD demo and drill wall-climb efficiency and T2Bs

4 min amrap
8 cal row
8 burpee over row
rest 2 min
4 min amrap
2 wall climbs
4 t2b