Are you looking for the best CrossFit gym in Boston? No two CrossFit gyms are alike and frankly there are equally as many bad CrossFit gyms out there as there are good. Our mission is to provide Boston with elite fitness programming through our network of premier facilities and classes taught by Boston’s best CrossFit coaching staff — some of the top instructors in the industry.

Our specialties:

Emphasis on Safe Techniques: This enables athletes to fully understand areas that need special attention during warm up & cool down sessions.

Original Programming: Our exclusive programming protocol was developed to create progressions in the areas of strength training, gymnastics, and endurance training. We cycle our programming to guarantee that our athletes become proficient in all areas of CrossFit. In addition, we cap our classes to 12-16 athletes per class to safeguard against overcrowding

Reputable Coaching: All of our head coaching staff are full time employees at CrossFit Fenway. We pride ourselves on providing our staff with salaried pay, health insurance, and tremendous benefits. Why? This enables our coaches to dedicate their downtime to training, competing, educating themselves, and becoming some of the top instructors in the industry. All of our coaches have competed in several CrossFit competitions and commit to the highest level of dedication to their athletes.

Facilities: Our facility in the Fenway / Longwood area is set up with classrooms that allow for dedicated instruction. Our equipment and gym areas are professionally cleaned each night and are maintained to a white glove standard. In our facilities you will find showers, complimentary towel service, spa soaps & shampoos, hairdryers & irons, razors, and other locker room amenities.


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