Warming Up the Snatch

Previously we’ve worked on the clean and the jerk.  This week we’re going to begin learning the snatch.  To do so we’ll be going over the Burgener Warm-up every day.  The Burgener Warm-up is a remarkably effective tool for teaching and reinforcing the basic concepts of the Olympic lifts.  These warm-up exercises specifically train the second and third pull of the snatch (the first being from the ground to the high hang position, the second is hitting triple extension, and the third is pulling oneself under the bar).  This warm-up was developed by Mike Burgener, father and coach of International Olympic weightlifting competitor Casey Burgener.  Here’s a video demo (WMV/MOV) from CrossFit.com of Coach B’s daughter Sage performing the Burgener Warm-up.020810-8159

March 1st, 2010

Skill: Burgener Warm-up


3 press/3 push press/3 jerks x 5


Complete 3 rounds for time of:

20 KB sumo deadlift high pulls

20 KB swings

20 KB push-ups (10/arm)

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7 thoughts on “Warming Up the Snatch”

  1. Thanks for a solid workout today Eric, very challenging way to start the week. KB push ups are a hell of an upgrade to the standard push-up (I can’t believe how much harder it was).

    10:48*, 1pd KB (*last 10 push ups from knees)

    Have a good week all, see you on Wednesday. 🙂

  2. WOD: 10:46 (SDHP- 16kg; KB swings- 16/12/12), pushups from (now) bruised knees 🙂

    I love that I see bruises on me and assume it’s from CrossFit.

    Yay for upping my poodage.

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