Warm Weather Means Running

Continuing with our theme from Tuesday of form, technique, and range of motion, we have some more skill movements to continue improving on with rope climbs, pistols and toes to bar.

Rope climbing is about as cut and dry as you can get. There are right ways to climb a rope, and there are down right wrong ways to climb a rope. Since adding our ropes in the back room we have had a few rope climb days. Many people have come in tentative, images of snarling 6th grade gym teachers in their heads, but have left having gotten up and down the rope a few times. If you haven’t made it to a session where the strength is rope climbs, get to one. The technique is easy and you will be flying high in no time. One of the trainers can even get some picture evidence like we see to the right as proof for family, friends, or Coach O from elementary school.

Lets keep going with the emphasis on range of motion and form for today’s WOD. With pistols and toes to bar we have more high skill movements involving a good deal of strength and technique to make them work. Pistols are just like HSPUs in the sense that we need to work the fullest range of motion possible when scaling to build towards RX. There are a number of scaling options that will help build your pistols so be aware of all of them. Toes to bar build a lot of good core and grip strength so even when scaling try as hard as you can to be hanging from those pullup bars.

And of course we are taking advantage of the tropical mid 40s this week is throwing at us and doing some running as well!

February 16, 2011


Rope Climbs


4 Rounds:

16 pistols, alternating

300m Run (Yawkey and back)

8 Toes to bar

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16 thoughts on “Warm Weather Means Running”

  1. Warm-up: “Annie” 7:47 rx. That’s 1:20 off my previous time.
    Strength: Rope climbs. I find these seriously difficult. Only did 3 total climbs in 2 rds of 2:00.
    WOD: 10:58 rx

  2. Made a bit of progress on rope climbing… made it about 1/2 way up the rope, which is 1/2 way more than before. Next time, I hope to hit the top.

    WOD: 11:46 with sloppy-ass green banded pistols, and knee raises on the bar.

    Whew! It was a cold one! Made us run faster to just get back inside.

  3. Still waiting on “tropical,” although running down Boylston at 6:15am did remind me of summer.

    Ropes — up twice; getting down is more difficult (and slightly scary).

    WOD — 13:58 with red pistols.

  4. Did CFNE “Game Day 2” WOD since i wont be around to do it on sat: 12 min AMRAP 10 jerks 115#/ 20 Box Jumps 24″/ 30 DU’s 6 rounds + 17, doubles were crap today for some reason, i think ill try it again.

  5. Warm up: Annie
    8/23/10 Time 19:33
    2/16/11 Time 10:47

    WOD 17:04. First round and a half did pistols free standing with a 5k plate under my heel, and then I couldn’t get back up from the bottom of my squat. All in all I’m happy with this considering this is the first time I’d ever successfully stood up from a pistol unassisted.

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  7. I absolutely loved today’s workout.

    first time rope climbing and I made it to the top after just a couple attempts!

    I love pistols, so today was a dream come true.
    16:13 Rx. 🙂

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