Virtuosity in Lifting

In CrossFit we define virtuosity as doing the common uncommonly well.  We are always working to have more efficient, perfect form even in the simplest of movements.  There is nothing more common than picking something heavy up off the ground, and tomorrow we’re going to work on being even better at it.  The goal of this deadlift workout is to have the most efficient technique possible at a manageable weight, but with increased volume relative to regular strength training.  This way when we want to move a larger load for fewer reps we’ll be even better at maintaining perfect form.  It will also be beneficial next time we see deadlifts as part of a metcon.

The forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 60°, so we’re running.  Even if the weather doesn’t turn out as nice as it’s supposed to, we’re still running.  Get out to Kilmarnock, back in, control your breathing, get the work done, and do it again.

March 25th, 2010

122909-5477Skill: core work

Strength: Deadlift 4×7 @ 50% or less of 1 rep max

Sprint to Kilmarnock Street
21 push press
21 weighted walking lunges
21 sit-ups
15 push press
15 weighted walking lunges
15 sit-ups
9 push press
9 weighted walking lunges
9 Sit-ups

8 thoughts on “Virtuosity in Lifting”

  1. Completed my first official WOD after finishing Fundamentals.

    Took me longer than most – 14:53 but I got it done!

  2. 8:47 @ 35#DBs, 20% of BW! DLs at 70kg.
    It is so good to be back home at CFF. I missed you awesome people!

    Write your own reasons on the whiteboard when you’re in next time…

  3. I’m sad that I missed this WOD. Stupid work.

    JT- I missed you too. Especially since I don’t get on faceypage very often. out of laziness.

    Sandon- 35kg?!

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