Unusually Overhead

In Wednesday’s workout we’re taking kettlebells up and overhead, but it’s not with a typical swing or snatch.  A kettlebell is just another object we can push press in the interest of constantly varying the stimulus in our workouts.  Barbells, dumbbells, med balls, bumper plates, sand bags, and anything else you can think of to pick up and put over your head all create different stresses on our bodies, forcing us to react and adapt.  How will you handle the kettlebells and respond tomorrow?

September 7, 2011
Strength: Low Bar Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

6 Rounds:
8 Kettlebell Push Press/Push Jerk (24kg/16kg)
100m Farmer’s Walk (Kilmarnock and back)
8 Burpees


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Mama Said Knock You Out! On November 5th CrossFit Legitimus in Canton, Connecticut is hosting a CrossFit competition for moms only.  Click here to register for one of the 60 available entries, and for more information, including the first 3 workouts.

13 thoughts on “Unusually Overhead”

  1. LBBS: 50kg. I haven’t done this one since January, so it was interesting to have it back

    WOD: 14:32 with 25# dumbbells. This was deceptively tough

  2. LBBS: 50 kg
    WOD: 13:36 with 8kg kettlebells. Bruises/lumps under my wrists from the kettlebells already! A different movement for sure!

  3. On the road – Crossfit Milford – Miss the morning crew like CRAZY!
    Front rack bb reverse lunge step, 3 x 12, 80%, rest 30 sec.
    Handstand hold, 3 x 45 sec., rest 2 minutes

    4 sets @ 85%, 90%, 95%, 100%
    3 minute amrap
    15 double unders
    9 air squats
    3 push press, 115/75
    3 minutes of active rest, moving around the gym… light jog for first 2 sets
    @55lbs 2+12/2+15/2+6/2+12

  4. LBBS: 61kgs

    WOD: 15:58 (push press w/ 14kg KB’s)

    I agree this WOD was deceptively tough…grip strength really killed my time during the farmers walk

  5. LBBS: 70kg (sketchy depth at 80kg–next time though!)

    WOD: 14:00 with 16kg KB’s (not enough KB’s at 16kg so I subbed 40lb dumbbells, but some KB’s freed up after the first round)

    I am pretty sore right now (back shoulders and arms), which usually doesn’t happen the day of a tough workout–not looking forward to tomorrow morning.

  6. LBBS: 75kg

    WOD: 15:53 (Attempted the rx first, got through seven push presses, and couldn’t get the eighth. Switched to 40# dumbbell presses and 24kg farmers walk)
    That workout was tough. Nice work by Scrappy to power through those 24kg farmers walks.

  7. lbbs: 85kg. definitely still getting the hang of the low bar, so pretty happy with this.

    wod: 14:33 w/45# dumbbell press, 24kg farmers walk.
    burpees have never felt so good!

  8. LBBS — 55kg, none of the usual accordion-like folding

    WOD — 19:46 w/30# DB push-press, 20kg farmer’s walks. What a soul-sucker those walks were.

    Quote of the evening (Shorty): “I immediately regret this decision.” Very prescient. Great work, 6:30 crew!

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