Months of hand wringing, hard work, blood, sweat, and stress all paid off this past weekend at the 2011 CrossFit Northeast Regionals, as Stacey finished 2nd, and the CrossFit Fenway Affiliate Team took home 3rd.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the support of our amazing community throughout this journey.  A big thank you to everyone who showed up on game day to encourage us, or who sent us well wishes.  We received a few good old fashioned, snail mail notes, plenty of electronic messages, and even some food.  It means so much to all of our athletes to have the CrossFit Fenway family behind us all the way.

It was also so good to see the mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters of our athletes out there for our team too.  CrossFit is a family affair, and even though they’re not necessarily at the box daily, they hear about our triumphs and tragedies, and are an extension of our community.   It was great having my dad there on Father’s Day to watch me and my teammates do our thing (and what did I get him for Father’s Day?  Muscle-ups, squat snatches, and a bronze medal).

A special thanks goes to JT and Patrick.  JT provided food, shelter, and support for his team throughout the weekend.  He took care of the logistics like a pro, making it much easier to focus on the competition at hand.  Patrick has been, and continues to be immensely helpful to all of our athletes in preparing, programming, and coaching from the Open, through Regionals, and now onto the Games.

Congratulations to CrossFit New England, CrossFit Route 1, CrossFit Southie (not just Bay State teams, but Boston area teams representing), as well as all the other affiliate and individual athletes on a great competition, showing once again why the Northeast is among the fittest regions in the world.  New England and Route 1 will be with us in LA, and while Southie just missed they had an awesome performance.  It was these 3 teams that really pushed us to take it to a new level.

Stacey and the CFF Team had a strategy for each workout, as well as the weekend on the whole, and everything went according to plan.  I’m incredibly proud of our athletes, and our community for all we accomplished this weekend.  Now we have a little more than a month to get ready to take on the best in the world.

June 21, 2011

Strength: High Bar Back Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2

100 Push-ups
100 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
100 Air Squats

*Partition reps as needed

Compare to 101221

19 thoughts on “Unbelievable”

  1. The performances of the CFF affiliate team and Coach Kroon were unlike anything I’ve seen before, but none of it surprised me in the least. You guys have worked amazingly hard for months and it is paying BIG dividends.

    HBBS — 55kg

    WOD — 12:23Rx…not happy, this was 0:03 slower than last time. Nice work 0530 crew.

  2. HBBS: 50kg. Woof. I’m never taking a week off again…although it’s so very amazing to be back!

    WOD: 12:59Rx.

    a very happy quarter century to erika!

    and, of course, congrats to all of you absolutely amazing people. i wish i could’ve been there! you guys are so inspirational and you deserve this!

  3. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more happy for a group of people than the CFF Team. I’ve had the pleasure of working out with you guys and seeing you all transform into an incredible unit of athletes is something that screams passion and inspiration. Congratulations and thank you for always doing right by each other and giving me the motivation to spark the fire in my training.

  4. HBBS: 165kg

    WOD: 12:35 In the style of Angie… great job everyone from fenway at the regionals. Thanks for being an inspiration to the rest of us

  5. HEY!!! Super good news. Followed your progress as fast as it came out on the CF Games site! Well done and thanks again for a great training week at your gym!
    All the best – Skye:)

  6. HBBS: 44kg PR

    WOD: 14:09 w/ modified push-ups

    I’ve never seen my face more red than immediately after this WOD.

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