Trick or Treat

Frank got a head start on Halloween last Friday with some "RX thrusters"

Happy Halloween!  The workout’s very straight forward Monday, just a football field’s worth of walking lunges, and 60 burpees, but the only way to earn an RX is wearing a costume.  Go ahead and scale up for an added challenge, though my guess is some of your costumes will take care of that.

October 31, 2011
Strength: Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

3 Rounds:
100′ Walking Lunges
20 Burpees

*Costume Required for RX

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23 thoughts on “Trick or Treat”

  1. Fun times! Erica’s “Let’s get physical” warm-up was hilarious!

    Push Press: 75 kg – PR
    WOD: 11:11 Rx

    Note to self, wearing full-body, fleece baby feeted pajamas during a WOD is hot & miserable.

  2. Push Press – 70kg x3 PR
    WOD – 6:26 RX + Weight vest

    I think the new coaches uniform has to involve matching pairs of Erica’s day glow tights.

  3. Miss y’all! If I were there, I’d be a ninja turtle. Alas, I must wait until next year. Looking forward to seeing y’all in the gym next week!

  4. PP: 35 kg
    WOD: sadly missed a rare opportunity for me to Rx by leaving my dinosaur costume on the couch…Darth Vader can vouch for me. 9:20
    Awesome costumes and Erika…you are truly an inspiration.

  5. push press – 70kg (3rep PR)
    WOD – 10:23 RX’ed as Dirty Old Brett Favre – why don’t you give me your number, ladies. i wanna text you something…

  6. Push press: 65kg (70kg was not going anywhere today)
    Wod: 7:39Rx+ (20# vest)
    This workout is dedicated to the power of the mullet.

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