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What are you doing to train your goats?  What metaphorical herding techniques have you employed?  A goat in CrossFit refers to any movement that you believe you suck at, or that you really don’t like doing.  With everything that we practice, it’s possible to have a long list of goats, but it’s important to target a couple at a time, and not become overwhelmed.

JT just published a post about his experiment with volume training.  Volume training seems to work well when applied to upper body driven, body weight movements that require strength and skill.  If you’ve got goats that don’t fall into that category you may want to take a different approach to training them.  Talk to your coaches and put together a plan to turn those perceived weaknesses into strengths.

Once you’ve identified your goats, and know what you want to do about them, post it on the new Goats board created by Haley.  Your goats, your plan on what to do about your goats, and your post on the Goats board must all be specific and actionable.  Putting it on the board states your intention to the world (or at least your CrossFit Fenway family), and makes you accountable.  Seeing everyone’s goats on the board will also provide the opportunity to trade notes and work with others who have similar goats.  Be the best herdsman you can be, and get your goats in order

March 23, 2011

Strength: Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5

Overhead Squats (45kg/30kg)

27 thoughts on “Train Your Goats”

  1. Bench Press: 40kg
    WOD: 12:37 RX!!!!! (first rx with pull-ups- huge victory for me today!)

    Thanks to Claire for setting the bar high this morning. When I see all of you push yourselves so hard it makes me work that much harder too.

  2. BP: 77kg (PR)

    WOD: 10:21 (30kg on shaky OHS form, g+r on 21 & 15, g on 9)

    shout out to Casey Sherman for trying out and finishing her first WOD today.

  3. Bench: 60kg x 5 (65kg x 3, 1 min rest, finished the final 2)

    WOD: 10:00 with 25kg and red banded pull-ups. Definitely could have gone higher with my OHS weight, but was really focused on getting the depth each time.

  4. Bench: 36 x 5 (could only do 40 for 1 at a time, but that is my new 1 rep PR)

    WOD: 11:38 with 30 kg and a red band on the pull-ups. I tip my cap to Casey for making it through this wod as her first ever!

  5. Bench: 55 x 5 PR

    WOD: 15:13 @ 35 kg OHS…these were way harder than I remember them being

    Ring Dip Volume Training after the WOD: 1 unassisted ring dip each minute for the whole 20 minutes.

  6. No more bands for you, Tiff!

    Sadly my goat got erased. Think 12 days of christmas but sung by a bunch of jews at passover, so morbid and bloody: “Then came the Holy One, Blessed be He and smote the angel of death, who slew the slaughterer, who killed the ox, that drank the water, that extinguished the fire, that burned the stick, that beat the dog, that bit the cat, that ate the goat, Which my father bought for two zuzim. I guess the cat wanted to eat Paleo.

    1. And you’re lucky you didn’t end up with a cast on your other wrist after today’s pull up mishap! 🙂 Scariest/funniest part of my morning.

  7. BP-50kg
    WOD- 8:48 (p-ups slowed me down)
    fun work out though… basically was psyched to do anything but snatches (well more than one 🙂

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