Trail Revenge

Pat and me at the start of the race

Last year I took on a long trail race that didn’t go as I would have liked.  This past Sunday Patrick Cummings and I participated in the Wapack Trail Race.  The 18 mile course runs from New Ipswich, NH to Ashburnham, MA and back over 4 major mountains, Barrett, New Ipswich, Pratt, and Watatic.  Going into the race our primary goal was to finish.

I personally wanted to complete this event on my terms, not hobbling across the finish line.  To make sure of this I put extra care into fueling the day before and morning of the race.  Over the last year plus I’ve had plenty of CrossFit game days providing opportunities to test my nutrition plan.  I also went into the day with a greater respect for the hills (or in this case mountains) than my previous experience, and a strategy: if you can’t see the top, walk.

The race itself went something like this, run along a narrow trail littered with roots and rocks, hike up a mountain, bomb down the mountain while attempting to avoid a fall to an untimely demise on said roots and rocks, repeat.  Oh, and don’t get lost in the woods.  The flat portions, mild ascents, and most of the downhills weren’t a problem.  I felt like a gazelle (or some other critter that moves quickly on level ground, but doesn’t do hills) in a race against mountain goats, as many of the other, more experienced runners passed me on the long uphill hikes.

In every event, successful or not, there’s an opportunity to learn, and improve for next time.  I did a better job preparing for this race, but I still began cramping up around the 20k mark.  They came later, probably because this was a slower course, and were not so severe that they prevented me from running as during my last trail event, but cramps in my hips, hamstrings, and calves were still an issue.  I’m taking away a few more ideas to combat them next time.

Finishing my way

Overall I’m satisfied with my result.  Patrick did great taking on this extremely challenging course, covering a much longer distance than anything he’s done in the past, and I’m wicked proud of him.  Thanks to Lesley and Michelle for coming along and being an excellent support crew.

What did you do over Labor Day weekend?  Post to comments.

September 6, 2011
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

7 Rounds:
10 Wall Ball (20#/14#)
10 Pull-ups


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13 thoughts on “Trail Revenge”

  1. congrats, eric and patrick, on a job well done this weekend! the whole thing sounds vicious.

    Push Press: 40kg PR then failed twice at 42kg

    WOD: subbed DB thrusters due to the rain. 13:48 with 20# DBs

  2. Push Press: 65kg (70kg was not happening today)

    WOD: 13:54 Rx (no rain = wall balls, so that’s what we did)

    Congrats on the trail run guys! Very impressive.

  3. Congratulations Eric & Patrick for a race well run! I’d love to pick your brain about how CFE aided in training for that race.

    Push Press: 70kg – PR
    WOD: 16:08 with 30# dumbbells and a purple band for pull-ups.

    While my time on the WOD wasn’t that quick, the real excitement for me was being able to do 70 pull-ups using a (well-worn) purple band. I’ve done purple band pull-ups before, but never at this volume. Keeping the focus.

  4. 45# PP

    12:13 ish
    20 lb db (kept it light since I have been a ghost at CFF for awhile!)

    sounds like a challenging race- maybe next year!~ I did not see any ladies in the photo… were there some?

  5. PP: 75kg
    WOD: 9:07 – subbed 75# Thrusters (regular with the bar, not DB)
    Pull-ups felts good, not great, but good today considering I did Barbara yesterday. 170 PU’s in 2 days and no tearing. Sweet.

  6. Push press: 65kg

    WOD: 8:58 rx

    Wall balls in the rain weren’t so fun, but had a good time during this one. Nice job by everyone in the 6 pm. Killing it.

  7. push press: 70kg (really wanted 75, got it x2)
    WOD: 10:32….thanks to Shorty for being my unofficial pace car!

    rain + chalk + wall ball = big sloppy mess. good fun.

  8. Lovely to be back home at CFF after a week and a half away. Nice work Eric and Pat on your epic trail run, I’d love to join you next year.

    PP — 42kg, failed on the third rep at 43kg

    WOD — 10:46 at 10#, balls in the rain.

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