Time to Celebrate!

2011 was a great year for CrossFit Fenway.  As of this past December we’ve officially been running classes for 2 years, we have a new home coming soon, our first Performance Based Paleo Challenge is right around the corner, and there’s a lot of new additions to the CFF family.  With all these wicked cool things happening, it’s time to party!

We have a reservation from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM this Saturday, January 21st, at Sweet Caroline’s (located at 1260 Boylston Street) to do just that!  We can definitely head over early, and stay late, but that time is just for us.  Join the CrossFit Fenway community as we celebrate our past, present, and future.

January 17, 2012
Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5

100 Double-Unders
30 Ring Dips
100 Double-Unders
30 Kettlebell Swings (32kg/24kg)
100 Double-Unders
30 Knees-to-Elbows

15 thoughts on “Time to Celebrate!”

  1. Worked on snatch form; BP makes my shoulder sad(der).

    WOD — 16:37 w/ red band on dips, wasn’t feeling quite *ignited* today.

    Finishing up and/or hiding the rest of the Bad Stuff in my cabinets; oddly enough, there’s a box of spaghetti that’s been there for over a year that I’ve never felt the urge to eat. Maybe the birds/squirrels in the yard can use it for nesting material.

  2. NOOOOOO i’m going out of town this weekend! and the celebration is at my namesake bar!

    KP – that is one sexy looking cartwheel.

    Paleo challenge – bring it. I went on a pasta binge Sunday night to try to get it out before the challenge. That might be the hardest thing I will have to say no to – Scraps, I’m jealous of your will power.

    1. I’m indifferent about pasta/rice/bread, but have to keep cereal out of the house or it turns into Nom Nom Nom Time quickly.

  3. I just did Fran for the first time since last fall. I was 1:15 slower than when we did it together. I attribute most of that to Sam not being right in my face, telling me “its gut check time.”

    Every coach has unique strengths, but after working out at 9 boxes, the support and camaraderie of the Fenway community remains unmatched.

    Enjoy it and would someone please Cock-a-doodle-doo in my stead.

  4. BP: 55kg, PR (WHERE WAS CLAIRE?)
    Half Cindy: 7 rounds even (this was a lot faster without the three-plate plus abmat push-up standard)

    – I love this photo
    – Hi Zander! We miss you!
    – I recommend this paleo cookbook, “Make It Paleo”: http://www.amazon.com/Make-Paleo-Grain-Recipes-Occasion/dp/1936608863/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326815059&sr=8-1
    – This Sunday, Sam, Adie, Eric and I are participating in the CrossFit Newton Team Throwdown. It starts at 9am. Please come out to cheer us on (I will need it)!

  5. Bench: 75kg

    WOD: 16:40 Rx

    i had the best double unders of my life tonight (hope that continues)! i knew the ring dips would be my slowest part but didn’t expect the knees to elbows to be so hard (jeez!).

  6. Bench: 70kg (75kg x4)
    WOD: 20:11rx
    Doubles were ok in the first and second but fell apart almost completely in the third. Surprisingly, the kbs was the easiest part. Nice work 6pm.

  7. Today, I’ve been at CFF for 2 years. I’ve seen amazing changes in myself and the community around me. Its been a truly great time.

    15:32 rx

  8. BP: 110 KG – 4 good reps at 115, but chumped out on the 5th one.
    WOD: 16:47 RX – DUs slowly improving, but still need tons more work.

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