The Weather Outside Was Frightful

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  Although delayed for a day by some extreme weather, we’re getting the last week of 2010 underway.  No more shoveling driveways or digging out cars for time, and no more snowman building AMRAPs.  Tuesday we’re getting you right back under the bar with a five by five back squat, and getting your hands right back on some weight for conditioning.

The objects we’re using for the metcon aren’t really unconventional, but we’re not going to use them in a typical way.  Bumper plates are meant to be picked up and put overhead, but usually when on a barbell, held in place by a collar.  The prescribed weight is the same as an empty bar, but the unusual shape, and difficulty in handling the bumpers makes for an added challenge.  This time when mixing up the stimulus it should only be tough to breath because of the intensity of the workout and tough to see because of sweat in your eyes, unlike the last time we used an odd object.

December 28, 2010

Strength: High Bar Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

WOD: 2 Rounds:
60 Sit-ups
60 Double Unders
60 Plate Overhead Walking Lunges, 20kg
60 Lateral Jumps Over Plate, 20kg
60 Plate Push Press, 20kg

CrossFit Fenway will be closed for the New Year this Friday, December 31st

18 thoughts on “The Weather Outside Was Frightful”

  1. Set two PRs today: LBBS 120kgx5 and 79 unbroken double-unders during warm-up

    WOD: 23:50 Rx. I should have scaled today’s WOD to one round. Strength bias programming called for a metcon 15 min or less today. Limiting metcon work to allow sufficient recovery is an important part of the strength bias program, and it would behoove me to actually follow the program.

      1. Thanks bud! I’ll find out next week when I retest all of my 1 rep maxes.

        Also good job on the WOD today, even with a mid-flight rope change.

  2. i have a bit of a cold, so i did a mod wod in my apt

    3.6ish mile run (untimed)

    then 2 rounds:
    60 sit ups
    60 walking lunges with arms locked out over head
    60 lat jumps over a pillow
    60 push ups


  3. wow great wod today~ got this ridiculous lingering headache that snuck back in on my last set of HBBS- hope to say goodbye to the head issue with 2010 (truly is weird I never had them before….su@*s majorly)..

    HBBS:~75 kg – could have pushed more but ran out of time
    WOD :23:02 @ 15 kg- tried 20KG but after 15 OH lunges I switched plates! 🙂

    Aaron thanks for push… Joe thanks for water fill up!
    Haley thanks for being so strong that i tried to keep up with you!

  4. HBBS — 57kg

    WOD — Got 1rd + 47 lateral jumps @ 15kg in the 25-min cap, then finished the second round. DUs were the limiting factor; I got 30 in the first round and then switched to singles. Frustrating.

  5. HBBS: 80kg (85 x 3). I had 80kg x 1 on 11/29, so feeling good about that.

    WOD: 1 round + 45 lateral jumps. feeling a little less good about that, really need to get double unders!

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