The Return of Fran

Back by popular demand, it’s a Fran Friday!  Since we last programmed Fran, a bunch of you have asked to give it another try.  We saw a lot of PRs during Thursday’s classes, and we’re expecting more of the same tomorrow.

Friday is also Mike Lashutka and Steve Crane’s last day at CrossFit Fenway (for now).  Both of these young men have been with us since January.  During their time at CFF they consistently worked hard,SCS_CFF_042110-4100 always sought new ways to improve themselves, brought great energy to the gym, and helped push the class, as they pushed themselves.  We wish you both the best of luck going forward.

May 27th, 2010

WOD: Fran
Thrusters (95#/65#)

Sarah Whiting and I are registered for the 25km trail run at the Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival this Sunday.  Please let us know if you’d like to join us, so we can coordinate transportation and other details.

The Sox are home Friday, so there’s no parking during the evening classes at CrossFit Fenway.

Programing Note: CrossFit Fenway will be closed Monday, May 31st in observance of Memorial Day.

6 thoughts on “The Return of Fran”

  1. 14:11
    95# Thrusters
    1st 21 Pullups = rx, Next 15 = 1 Red Band, Final 9 = 2 Red Bands
    Need to work on my kip.
    Also I finally got to meet our resident caveman, JT.

    1. Was I sufficiently cavemannish?

      12:01 RX. Oh man. Gotta get stronger so I can make those thrusters faster.

  2. 9:51 Rx.

    My first RX Fran. I’m glad I completed it, but I feel like I still have a ton of room for improvement. I have to train myself to push through my mental blocks, stop taking breaks, and just get ‘er done.

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