Technique Reveals Strength

The muscle-up is all about the transition from the pull-up to the dip, and the technique required to execute the movement.  A comparison can be made to barbell lifts, where you know less than optimal form can limit your ability to express strength.  Let’s use the clean as an example.  You could have a huge pull in the deadlift, and be able to front squat a house, but if attention to detail and technique is lacking, your clean will not be as big as it could be.

You’ve got pull-ups.  You’ve got dips.  Both are great on their own, but muscle-ups feel cool, look cool, and are another great way to demonstrate just how strong you are.  Wednesday it’s time to work the skill, put it all together, and get some muscle-ups.

December 8, 2010

Strength: Muscle-ups

10 Deadlifts (100kg/70kg)
25 Wall Ball (20#/14#)
8 Deadlifts
20 Wall Ball
6 Deadlifts
15 Wall Ball
4 Deadlifts
10 Wall Ball
2 Deadlifts
5 Wall Ball

Join us this Saturday, December 11th from 6 PM to 9 PM at CrossFit Fenway to raise a glass and celebrate our first anniversary as well as the holiday season.

14 thoughts on “Technique Reveals Strength”

  1. wall ball is a whole different animal in the back room. don’t think I hit the target once. today was tough.
    WOD: 10:05 (rx weight, sub height)

    1. Well there is no way that the red line is 10 feet. I suspect it’s more like 12. But Stacey said, “we’re making you fitter!”

  2. WOD RX 7:17
    – I respond very well to people screaming at me to get back on the bar, not to stop, or to just do three more. Please continue screaming.

    MU: worked on kicking the legs through. Am able to do them, but need to work on linking a few

    1. i hear you Zander. it is very helpfull when poeple are saying pick it up and get back on it and keep going. I dont think i would get through very many wods if people wern’t yellin:)
      Thanks Stacey and my 6:30 peeps!
      11:56 60kgs #14 so close to red line!

  3. So, no muscle-ups today (not even close) but I can tell how amazingly hard they are.
    WOD: 8:36 80kg

    This was a fun one.

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