Technique at Speed

Tuesday we’ve got a workout of the day that is going to require you to execute some technical movements, and since it’s for time, you’re going to want to do it as quickly (and safely) as you can.  It’s 22 total reps, 11 each of squat cleans and muscle-ups.  Missed reps are wasted time, and wasted energy, so it hurts you for that rep, as well as taking a little something away from future reps.  Good, efficient technique is going to be key to crushing this one.

Between the 2 workouts to start the week, you may have noticed that the RX label has been a little tougher to obtain.  While it’s true, there is no need to worry if you haven’t mastered the squat clean or muscle-up.  As you probably know everything in CrossFit is easily scalable.  It may mean a few extra reps here and there, but however you decide to tackle it you’re going to get a challenging, kickass workout.

-1June 15th, 2010

Skill: Kipping Pull-ups

Strength: Deadlift 5-5-5

WOD: 3-2-1-2-3
Squat Cleans (70kg/45kg)

Tuesday is day 19 of the 100 Burpee Challenge.  If you want to start now it’s only 190 burpees.

The Red Sox open a home series with the Diamondbacks on Tuesday, so there will be no parking during the evening classes.

13 thoughts on “Technique at Speed”

  1. DL-80kg
    WOD-12:32 (scaled down to 30kg squat clean / pull-ups and ring dips with 1 red band)
    *more of a test of strength than speed for me today, definitely a challenge*

  2. DL – 90kg. Did one rep at 100 and it felt ok, but last time I pushed DLs my back hurt for 2 weeks so happy w/90.

    WOD – 14something. 45kg Cleans felt good by the end (missed the first one due to pure clumsiness/lack of focus). Pull ups were sluggish and I ripped open my hand…slow day overall.

  3. Started this one with the best intentions of doing it as Rx. Somewhere in the middle my muscle ups degenerated into jumping muscle ups. Disappointing. I wasted a lot of energy on the cleans: no matter how hard I tried to squat clean, almost all of my reps came out as power clean + FS.

    Sandon, take care of that back, buddy. Lower back injuries are no joke.

  4. DL – 120kg
    WOD – 14:16 with 60kg Squat Cleans/ Pull ups and Ring Dips
    My arms were noodles on the last 12 PU and Dips

  5. 95kg deadlift … I think this is the first time my back doesn’t hurt after a deadlift day, so hopefully that means my form is improving

    WOD- 13:51, assisted pull ups & dips. 45kg clean was a PR for me, so I was happy to get it up 11 times (even though it was pretty ugly..)

  6. 160kg on the deadlift, only because I was chasing Justin, I would have stopped at 150kg.

    15:52 on the wod… Great Job Justin, impressive MU’s! (i asked eric to personally yell at me on the MU’s, i was just a mess and all over the place, sort of like a beached whale trying to get up on the rings!)

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