T-Shirts, Edition 2

We still don’t have an online store link (yet), but you can buy a t-shirt by just sending us an email at info@invictusfenway.com. We are making available the second batch of CrossFit Fenway T-Shirts!

The CFF "Tessie" Logo. Eric named her.
The CFF "Tessie" Logo. Eric named her.

We’re a gender-neutral facility here, so this time we’ve printing up one big batch of unisex shirts in all sizes. (They run a bit small, after wash especially. Medium is tight on Eric, and practically indecent on JT.) They’re a lovely blue, cotton, athletic fit, with the “Tessie” logo on the front. The back has the FF Circle and Eric’s management mantra printed in white lettering : “NO LOAFING”.

Also available are a few white shirts in a “girly cut” – slender, tapered, cap sleeves, cotton. These still have the first edition “FORGING POWERFUL ATHLETES THROUGH CONSCIOUS CHOICE” slogan on the back in black lettering.

Price for either: a mere $25, to proclaim that you either (a) love CrossFit, (b) love Boston, (c) think Red Sox rule, or (d) abhor loafing.

Buy a bunch. We’ll send them to you for just $5 shipping cost. Just send us an email!

5 thoughts on “T-Shirts, Edition 2”

  1. I second the request for hoodies. I like that the logo is named Tessie. I do, however, abhor the red sox (go phillies!) but think red socks rule.

    Will the shirts be available at the gym or do I have to get it shipped to me?

  2. Sara: don’t worry, you don’t do it.
    Jen: we’ll have them on hand… actually, they may be at the gym right now! Online sales start soon, too!

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