Sweat Out the Weekend

I hope everyone had an awesome fourth of July full of barbecues and fireworks, but this Tuesday we are getting back after it with heavy deadlifts and a grueling chipper.  Although once you get through the pull ups there is really no reason to stop.  Pull ups may bring on some fatigue that cause us to shake out our arms before going again, but there is never a reason to take long breaks or stop when doing burpees, rowing, or squats.  I’m sure everyone had fun this weekend, but it is time to back in the gym work hard again.


Dead Lift  2-2-2-2-2-2

40 Pull ups

40 Burpees

40 Cal Row

40 Squats


FIGHT GONE BAD 6: Registration for Fight Gone Bad 6 is open.  This year the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the CrossFit Foundation are benefiting from the fundraising efforts.  Sign up and join in this great community event as a part of the CrossFit Fenway team.

10 thoughts on “Sweat Out the Weekend”

  1. DL – 110kg – still having some back issues so I did 6×6 and worked on technique.
    WOD – 9:58 Rx


      my best friends band recorded with Ken a few years ago haha, small world

  2. Mike Bissaillon

    Yosh and Edmund, great having you out at CrossFit Great Barrington this summer!! Your both awesome athletes and great fun to have around. Hope to see you soon!

  3. DL 170 kg
    WOD 9:11 Rx …. I thought you would Dan, my legs were gassed after the row..I still think I had a burpee hangover from Sat’s invasion..

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