Surprisingly Taxing

When we see squats programmed in a workout the first thing we usually think is that it’s going to be tough on our legs.  As you may already know, and we’ll see again Wednesday, squats, and front squats in particular tax the entire body.  Everything from the hips up will get worked as you maintain a front rack position to execute each rep.  For this reason, pairing front squats with just about any upper body gymnastics movement can get surprisingly nasty.  Tomorrow they’re paired with “the holy grail of CrossFit movements.”  If you’ve got muscle-ups you’ll get to test them.  If you don’t you’ll get to experience how front squats impact your pull-ups and dips.

August 24, 2011
Strength: Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3

4 Muscle-ups
10 Front Squats (60kg/45kg)
3 Muscle-ups
10 Front Squats
2 Muscle-ups
10 Front Squats
1 Muscle-up
10 Front Squats

*Scale muscle-ups to 4 pull-ups and 4 dips for each muscle-up.


FIGHT GONE BAD 6: Registration for Fight Gone Bad 6 is open.  This year the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the Infant Swim Resource, and Camp Patriot are benefiting from the fundraising efforts.  We’ll be running heats at CrossFit Fenway on Saturday morning, September 17th in lieu of an invasion workout.  Athletes of all abilities are welcome, and encouraged to sign up, fundraise, and join in this great community event as a part of the CrossFit Fenway team.

Did the excitement of the CrossFit Games get your competitive juices flowing?  Well you’re in luck!  The North East Fire Breather Festival, the first event in the new North East Garage Games Series will be held at CrossFit New England on Saturday, September 24th and Sunday the 25th.  There will be 3 events on Saturday with RX and scaled divisions (men and women competing in the RX division must be able to clean 155# and 105# respectively, 115# and 80# in the scaled division). There will be 2 additional events on Sunday for those that qualify.  All abilities and ages are welcome.  Register here and let your coaches know if you’re interested in putting your training to the test.

20 thoughts on “Surprisingly Taxing”

  1. Traveling WOD @ CrossFit Impavidus in Ashburn, VA
    Diane (21-15-9 Deadlifts @ 225#, HSPUs)
    6/29/11 – 17:56 with green banded HSPU contraption
    Today – 8:50 with purple banded HSPU contraption

    Pleasantly surprised at this progress. In a little over a month and a half, I took over 9 minutes off my time, and used less resistance (making it harder) for my HSPUs. Last time, I remember struggling with the HSPUs quite a bit. This time was not so bad.

  2. bench: 33kg. i haven’t benched since march 23rd and i haven’t made much progress. this is NOT my best lift

    wod: 12:38 with half red banded dips and 35kg. i’m jealous of everyone who can do muscle ups!

  3. Christina Nikitopoulos

    Quite the taxing workout. In the middle of round 1, I didn’t know how I could get through 4 rounds… but, of course, I did.

    12:58 WOD — purple band on pull-ups and dips… still recovering from shoulder slip… one step forward, a few back, one step forward… Still going..

  4. Bench: 80kg (happy with that)
    wod: 14:21 w/pull ups and dips.
    That was more than surprisingly taxing. Front squats deteriorated as the wod went along. My feet were going too wide during my squat cleans. Definitely something to work on. Thanks for the advice Yosh. Also, struggled too much with dips today.

  5. Bench: 70KG (up 10 KG since the last time I benched)
    WOD: 10:21 with 60KG front squats and 2 red bands for dips

    I’ll get those muscle ups sooner or later. Nemesis or not, I loved seeing Kevin throw the 5kg plates on over the 15kg’s he had and get after it, good work.

  6. BP: 27kg (29kg x 1)

    WOD: 10:37 with a lot of scaling (1 purple and 1 red band for pull-ups, 1 1/2 red band for dips, 25kg front squats). I was pretty happy that I only had to break up the first set of pull-ups and ring dips).

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