I love getting to describe CrossFit Fenway in different words each time I’m asked. There are a thousand answers, and all of them are true. Here’s two from email earlier today:

“I’m building an army of warriors, conscious choosers of their form and action; monks strong of mind and body.”

“CrossFit Fenway is a gender-neutral, socially-active business engaged in creating powerful athletes. Training in nutrition, gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, endurance running, and a broad variety of other physical skills is utilized to enhance power output and work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Short, intense, small group coached workouts are used to create a level of fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive.”

What speaks to you? What are you looking to become? Fundamentally, I am making this to be a place that supports your choices. By being a strong, supportive, instructive environment, CrossFit Fenway offers you a clear reflection of your choices by measuring and recording your effort and results. I’m not here to set your goals – I’m here to show you a possible way to be, a way you might never have imagined to help you reach goals you’re only beginning to imagine possible.

What are you imagining?

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