Strength Day

Today we will be getting under the bar and seeing just how much weight we can back squat.  Take your time and remember not to rush the sets.  Rest time is very important in recovery especially as the weight gets heavier every time.  The rep scheme is 5-5-3-3-1-1-1.  Consider the 5 reps warm up.  Start with a moderate weight and increase it every time.  Look at your previous one rep max and go for that on your second set of one.  This leaves you a chance to increase your weight and set a new PR on the final rep.  Go get it!

Skill:  Handstand Push Up

Strength:  Low Bar Back Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

WOD:  Run a Mile

16 thoughts on “Strength Day”

  1. Christina Nikitopoulos

    Well, clearly I love back squats! I can’t be there for this workout, so everyone have a good time!

    My son saw this and said, “Don’t mess with me, cause my mother is strong.” 🙂

  2. Great seeing JT this morning, 5:30 group hit it hard

    LBBS- 140kg
    Mile – 6:10 (should have been faster, 3rd split was faster than 2nd)

  3. LBBS 82kg …new PR thanks to JT!
    Mile 7:41 …(fastest time since I was probably 10 years old,) thanks to Claire Savage!

    1. I second that sentiment, Claire pushed me hard to get my PR of 7:15 on the mile! Unfortunately I crapped out trying to set a PR lbbs at 125kg, tied my old PR for 120, should have tried 122!

      1. SHRUJ! i got it up to 110 kg on my second 1 and surprisingly, it was no sweat. but we ran out of time and had to go run our mile! it’s still a new PR, but i think i coulda gone for 120. next time…

  4. Great wo this morning. Some prs were made in the 7:30 class, me being one of them. Thank you to the 2 gentlemen who ran the last 100 meters with me so i could finish my run in 10:13:)dont ever remeber in my adult life doing a mile under 12.I am happy with a 70kg low bar back squat, for now anyway…

  5. Backsquat- 92 kg
    Mile- 6:52

    When I first started in mid-January, it was a struggle for me to backsquat an empty 20 kg bar and running anything around a 10 minute mile was a great day for me. After today, I can’t even believe that I’m the same person… I love this place. Awesome work by everyone this morning!!

          1. Thanks guys!

            Justin, one of these days I promise I’m gonna drag myself out of bed and make it to a 5:30 class for old times sake… maybe.

            Tiff & Shruj, I feel like we haven’t been in a class together in forever! I miss you guys… and awesome numbers/PRs today!

            Krystyn, you’re always stronger than you think you are.. I’m glad you hear me calling you out even when I’m not there. Still doing those burpees? 🙂

  6. Go Haley! You are amazing!!!

    I started my weight a bit too low today, but had your words in my ear/mind- ‘You are stronger than you think’ So I ramped up the weights. I can do more…as I didn’t FAIL. Next time.

    Thanks for the encouragement for the noon class on the running! Esp Rachel and Nick. Shy of 9, but I am actually believing that <9 is doable goal for me.

    Got a chance to see Baby St. Clair (Isabella)- one word: ADORABLE

  7. 145kg squat
    feet hurting too much to run, so wod was 2K row @ 8:11, not impressive.

    killer miles today from everyone… smoking my times for sure!!

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