Sprints or Surprises

Great work today on the Snatch. Complicated motion, and we had a lot of people reach their “aha” moments with it. Speaking personally (as I pretty much always do), I’m enormously grateful to have shared the last few days coaching you. Thursday, Eric returns to the lineup and I get sent back to the bullpen. See you in the next long relief!

It’s been a few days of fast, sprint style workouts… We’re on a roll, watch out! Today we’ve got a sprint in the workout, but the WOD itself may not go by so fast. 5 rounds for time, this may be a sprint for some and an all-out slog for others. It depends on how you manage the overhead walking lunges.

Of course, the Red Sox are in town, so that “Sprint to Kilmarnock” may turn into something more fiendish and indoors for the evening classes. What will it be? A surprise. Prepare for the unknown and the unknowable, people – it’s the CrossFit way.

Pic unrelated.
Pic unrelated.

Thursday, August 19th

Skill: Pistols

Strength: High Bar Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

WOD: Complete 5 Rounds for Time of:
Sprint to Kilmarnock and Back
20 Overhead Walking Lunges, 20kg
10 Pull-ups

9 thoughts on “Sprints or Surprises”

  1. 100kg on hbbs (sad attempt at 120)
    8:50 on wod

    running is just not my thing… unbroken lunges and pull-ups, but plenty of jogging/walking on the “sprint” portion.

        1. would love to party with the AM classes sometime… but man on man, I am so not a morning person 😉

          maybe sometime soon!

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