Spring into Action

In case you didn’t notice (and honestly, who could blame you with all the rain) spring started.  You’ve all been doing such a great job, so we wanted to kick off April with a real challenge, and didn’t want to wait until Friday to throw down the gauntlet.  Tomorrow we’re going to warm you up quick and get right into it.  Do your best to complete as much of this beast as you can as RX’d in the hour allotted for class.  Good luck!122909-5639

April 1st, 2010

WOD: Complete 10 rounds for time of:

5 ring handstand push-ups

10 reverse burpees

5 weighted muscle-ups (35#/25#)

10 weighted pistols (5 each leg, 35#/25#)

5 squat clean and jerks (60kg/45kg)

10 kettlebell snatches (5 each arm, 2 pood/1.5 pood)

5 legless rope ascents

1,000m row

14 thoughts on “Spring into Action”

  1. OMG. I needed to see this right now. My train got canceled so I have to take a bus overnight and it’s the suck, especially due to a 3+hour layover in NYC.

    I’m going to miss you guys this week!

  2. I was like “I’ve never seen ten rounds before…good thing I’m not in tomorrow……….reverse burpees?!?!?…..hey, wait a minute!” hahahaha!
    legless rope ascents huh? I’m gonna be laughing all day tomorrow about this 🙂

  3. God, I don’t know why I don’t switch to Thursdays with these creampuff workouts you guys have to do.

    You need to make this a real CrossFit workout and throw in some 50″ box jumps, a 75% bodyweight farmer’s walk up Summit Ave, and one arm, clapping bear crawls around Fenway.

    Well played Eric, I totally thought that you had lost your mind and that this was a real WOD until I started reading the other posts. LOL

  4. 3 reps and 2 muscle ups.
    purple band on the rhspu
    no added weight on the muscle ups
    no weight for the right leg pistols
    1.5 pood snatches

    Amazingly, the rope climbs were the easiest part. I’m glad you guys got the rope up.

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