Something a Little Different

On Thursday we have something just a little different for you in the metcon.  Instead of standard pull-ups on a bar, it features ring pull-ups.  Constantly varied can include the equipment used in a workout.  The movement standard on the rings is the same as any other pull-up, full extension at the bottom, and chin over the bottom of the rings at the top.  The rings are a dynamic environment, providing a different stimulus, fortunately you have six sets of ten to work through and adapt.

July 15th, 2010

Skill: Double Unders

Strength: Jerk 3-3-3-3-3

Complete 6 rounds for time of:
10 ring pull-ups
25 sit-ups

Registration for the Spartan Race is currently available, but the price goes up by $10 after July 18th.  This 5K featuring “outrageous obstacles” should be a fun little challenge.  Please let us know if you’re interested in signing up, as we’re trying to organize a team, or teams to represent CrossFit Fenway.

The Sox start the second half at home, taking on the best in the west Texas Rangers.  There is no parking during the evening classes Thursday at CrossFit Fenway

7 thoughts on “Something a Little Different”

  1. WOD: 9:56 Rx
    Good to have JT back bright and early even though be basically told me my sit-ups looked like John Goodman getting out of bed (i.e. im slow as shit)The Jedi Yoda Ring Master himself (JT)is going to smoke this one today.

  2. Those ring pull-ups are no joke. They seem like something that once I master will be really fun to show off to people…you know, because there are so many rings in my daily life…

    WOD: 14:33 (thought about red, after 4 pull-ups went to purple…and still had trouble the last few rounds).

    Sit-ups were slow b/c my hips just weren’t feeling it.

    And seriously- JT is awesome at ring pull-ups.

  3. Y’all are too generous – Justin missed the under on that bet. My ring pullups broke down in round 4, and I was all broken up on my sets from then out. 11:20 RX – at least I beat Sandon. XD

    Lesson: Even if you have the skill, we still need rest and food for strength. I got about 4 hours and haven’t eaten yet today, which is NOT a smart example to follow.

    My plan is to do this again next week on a full night of sleep and get it sub-10.

    GREAT WORK today by all the early classes!

    To those of you who booked up the classes full and then cancelled out… you missed the fun. Hopefully you didn’t also cause **others** to miss the fun by taking up their slot until you cancelled last minute. Please be courteous and loving to your fellow gym members, and only book the classes you’re ACTUALLY going to attend. Thanks!

  4. I have to give a special shout out to JT for saving from near-catastrophe with the green and purple bands.

    This workout – which featured two of my least favorite things – was a great reminder to me that I can always do more (and do them better) than I think I can. I was totally not looking forward to this WOD but had a great time!

  5. Today is a rest day for me, but I plan to come in tonight to check out the handbalancing open practice at 8:30. Need that freestanding handstand!

  6. WOD: 13:17 Rx

    Sit-ups continue to be a problem for me, but it’s getting better each time they show up. Great to be back after a week of vacation where the beers far outnumbered the pull-ups.

  7. 70kg + 80kg*F2 Jerk
    12:00 Rx WOD

    F= failed on that rep

    Fun workout today. My sit-ups were too slow though.

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