Snatch it and Squat it

On Wednesday we’re working on the power snatch.  If you’re relatively new to the movement, or still building your confidence with it, this will be a great opportunity to work on technique.  If you feel comfortable with the snatch, go big, see what you can get overhead, even dropping into a full squat snatch if necessary.  The effort put in during tomorrow’s strength portion of class will pay immediate dividends when you need to get the weight overhead for squats during the metcon, featuring low reps and a high degree of skill.

July 14th, 2010

Skill: Double Unders

Strength: Power Snatch

Overhead Squat (60kg/40kg)
Handstand Push-ups

Registration for the Spartan Race is currently available, but the price goes up by $10 after July 18th.  This 5K featuring “outrageous obstacles” should be a fun little challenge.  Please let us know if you’re interested in signing up, as we’re trying to organize a team, or teams to represent CrossFit Fenway.

Whether or not you’re participating in the supplemental endurance training, registration for the B.A.A. Half Marathon opens tomorrow, Wednesday, July 14th at 9 AM.  If you’d like to take on this great course on Sunday, October 10th, be sure to get to the site early, this race fills up fast.  This would be the perfect way to wrap up your endurance training, or just a great way to test your fitness.

The Red Sox are heading into the All-Star break with a record of 51 wins and 37 losses.  While they’re away, we’ve got parking all day at CFF.

28 thoughts on “Snatch it and Squat it”

  1. Skill: 3 2xUnders strung together!! I feel like a champ!
    Str: 40kg! PR!
    WOD: 30kg, 24″ Box for HSPU. Trembling like a leaf by the end of the OHS. I REALLY want those HSPU! Soon, I hope! Man, was I a drippy mess though. I was like a little private rainstorm.

    Shruj and Justin, holy crap I was impressed! You guys moved some weight that made me cringe, and with HSPU for real to boot!

    <3 It's an awesome workout today, guys.

  2. Nick great job on the PR’s! Justin definitely moved big weight today,…I struggled but definitely gave it my all.

    Snatch: 50kg
    WOD: 50kg on the way down, dropped to 40kg on the way back up; HSPU with no ab mats until the last three sets, had to use 2 ab mats for the last 2 sets, my shoulders were toast!

    Great job to everyone in 5:30! BTW did I mention that my wife is stronger than I am!

        1. You girls are so great for my self-confidence! xxx
          Great job on today’s work-out too!
          p.s. I am running the half, only b/c I know one of you will pull me across the finish if need be.

  3. Feel a bit defeated, really wanted to do this Rx and started it that way. Made it through the first sets of 5 and 4 and realized it probably wasnt going happen on the way back up so i dropped to 50kg. At least i stuck with the HSPU as Rx. 17:20 and sweating like a hooker in church.

    1. I’m registered too, this will be great if we have a bunch of CFF’ers!

      There’s also a half in Salem on 9/25 if anyone is interested in a warm-up…

  4. A nasty, sweaty workout after 7 days of non-Paleo hedonism and not-much-more-movement than body surfing.
    11:45: Far, far from Rx – 25kgs of bad form and 2 ab mats w/ a 5kg plate
    Thanks, Stace, for helping me to resist the urge to crawl into the fetal position…

  5. Yup, rumors are true, I signed up for the half marathon. Not super excited about it (running being my goat), but I want to prove to myself I can do it. 🙂

    I am heading out to the Games tomorrow. Should be an exciting weekend! Going to watch the best athletes in the world compete for the Title of World’s Fittest! I will return on Tuesday with some exciting stories!

    Work hard!

  6. Jesus, I think CrossFit Fenway represents half of this race! That is awesome news and you guys will have a blast!

    I, on the other hand, will be sailing around the world. I will be in between Cape Town, S. Africa and India. I might even run 13.1 miles wherever I am just to be there I spirit with you guys! We’ll see…

    Good luck!

    In other news, the Metro Dash will be held in Boston on August 7th and I WILL be here for that. Anyone who cares to join should register soon as they cap the race at 200 athletes.

  7. Snatch: 50 kg

    WOD: 20 some minutes? I made it to the last set of 5 OHS at 60kg before dropping to a leisurely 40kg. Why did I drop down, perhaps you ask? Because Stacey made me, of course. Why did she make me? Because I was having a slow motion meltdown on the HSPU. I did 7 of them to the ground, then added a 5 kg plate, then an ab mat, then an ab mat and a 5 kg plate, which is where I thrashed until Stacey saved me with another ab mat.

    Thanks to everyone who helped nurse me to the end.

      1. And that’s why I decided to not come in tonight. It looked like a super fun WOD, but today was my last PT and I didn’t want to end up back there tomorrow…

  8. 60kg power snatch

    7:58 wod rx

    this wod played to my strengths – low reps (cause my cardio sucks), overhead squats, and hand stand push-ups that have been drilled into my head from Eric and Stacey since northeast regionals.

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