Snatch It and Squat It

Tuesday we’re working on the world’s fastest lift.  When snatching an object it goes from the ground to overhead in the blink of an eye.  What sort of magic is this?  No trick, just explosive hip extension.  To snatch you must be fast, and move aggressively.  Snatching is also the best way to get a barbell into position for an overhead squat if you don’t have a squat rack at your disposal, like in tomorrow’s conditioning workout.  Practice the snatch, then put it to use in this rowing, sprint mini Nancy.

October 12th, 2010

Strength: Snatch

WOD: 5 Rounds:
250m Row
10 Overhead Squats (45kg/30kg)


***No Invasion this Saturday, October 16th

Work on your agility, coordination, and balance.  Join your CrossFit Fenway friends at the Havana Club in Central Square on Saturday, October 23rd at 9 PM, for a night of salsa dancing, socializing, and fun.  Lessons and libations are available to help you learn the moves.  Like any WOD, proper footwear can help performance, so try to avoid rubber-soled shoes that will grip the floor and make turning more difficult.

The Beast of the East throwdown at CrossFit New England is Saturday, November 6th.  Our athletes are getting ready.  Mark your calendars, and get ready to come cheer on your CrossFit Fenway teammates.

Compete in the most physically demanding obstacle course available on Saturday, November 13th in Marshfield at Ruckus Boston 2010Stephanie Schneider is helping to organize the CrossFit Fenway team.  Please contact her if you’d like to participate, as discounts are available for teams.

9 thoughts on “Snatch It and Squat It”

  1. Snatch – 45 kg .. so ugly
    WOD – 11:15 rx .. too slow. rowing/squatting was a brutal combo after 13.1 miles. definitely not feeling it today.

  2. WOD: 12:48 @ 25kg with a lot of encouragement. Would have been closer to 20, since I would have given up during the 4th round otherwise…

    Not sure the legs were happy with the rowing/squatting combo. But I have no real excuse.

  3. Ugh. Two half marathons in two weeks took a toll on my hip flexors.

    Modified WOD (same rowing, sub 25kg push-presses for OHS)– 11:07

  4. nice to work on form for snatch today- been awhile since did this lift
    legs shot after 7 ultimate games this past weekend
    metcon:11:16 25 KG OHS

  5. 40 kg on the snatch is a new PR! Felt like I almost had 45.

    Similarly almost rx’d the wod but only made it 1.5 rounds with 30kg. 13:13 with 25.

    Another almost – dangerously close to the elusive first pull-up.

  6. Jill from Crossfit Unlimited

    Thanks Crossfit Fenway for letting me come in this AM for the WOD. Everyone was great and I enjoyed your box. Hopefully I’ll get in one more visit during my stay in Boston.

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