If you’re a CrossFitter there’s a laundry list of skills to be learned.  Many of the skills require coordination, accuracy, balance, and flexibility, not to mention strength (just ask Joe to demo his bo staff PVC skills).  Wednesday we’re going to work on a skill we haven’t practiced at CrossFit Fenway before, rope climbs.  Sandwiched between rowing intervals, so you can find your current best 500m pace, and an 8 minute AMRAP burner, we’re going to show you the ropes, so you can give it a try.  Just like pistols, double unders, or handstand push-ups, climbing a rope can slow your workout down to a grind if you don’t know how to do it efficiently.  Work on the technique tomorrow, and get ready for conditioning featuring an ascent or two.

December 22, 2010

3 Rounds:
500m Row
2 Minutes Rest

Strength: Rope Climbing

8 Kettlebell Swings (32kg/24kg)
8 Burpees
8 Wall Ball (20#/14#)

CrossFit Fenway will be closed for the holidays this Friday, December 24th

22 thoughts on “Skills”

  1. Hope everyone has a great xmas! I’ll be doing our WODs at a local “Retro Fitness”, back home…..I’m sure Ill have some funny stories. See ya next week!

  2. WOD1 – slow, slowest, slower
    WOD2 – 5 rds

    good to see Dennis back in the fold.

    Merry XMas & Happy New Year to all.

    see ya next year…

  3. WOD 1 – 2:23, 2:19, 2:20 (yikes)
    Rope climbing induced flash backs of Mr Bruno, elementary school gym teacher in “coach shorts” (shudder)
    WOD 2 – 4 rounds

    Merry Christmas!!!!
    Plotting a paleo christmas dinner…hoping guests won’t notice!!!

  4. wod1- 1:52, 1:55, 1:56 … i think i’m scarred for life after rowing my first 2k. this sucked.
    wod 2- 6 rounds + 2 burpees Rx

    then flight simulator- 14:30. hard.

    1. I saw that, too. I spoke with her after she finished her wod that day. Super kind girl oozing with confidence. Awesome shit

  5. WOD 1: 1:56, 1:57, 2:00.

    Rope Climb: Done! Pretty surprised and excited I could do this. List of random talents just got one item longer.

    WOD 2: 4 rounds + 1 wallball @16 kg and 14# ball.

  6. Row: 1:57, 2:00, 2:05 – my first sub 2 500m row!

    WOD 2: 4 rounds + 8 KB (20kg and 14# WB)

    Looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow; for the rest of you, hoping to see your travel WODs here!

  7. row: 1:40, 1:46, 1:42
    1 rope climb (first ever)
    wod: 5rounds plus 16

    if i didn’t stop half way for a cigarette and coffee break during my wod, i probably could have done a bit better.

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