Sign in for MindBody Online


– Karen and Jacinto crushing 16.1!

Step by step process to sign in

1. Click link Mind Body online class sign in
2. Enter email/username and password
3. Click on Crossfit Classes tab
4. Click “next week”
5. This now shows all scheduled class times (5am/6am/7am/9am/noon/4pm/5pm/6pm/7pm)…you MUST sign in for class! If you are having trouble this week, please come see Molly!
6. 40 people have signed in using the MindBody App 🙂 and 7 have used the website! Good work!


CrossFit Opens

We are talking with Crossfit HQ tomorrow to re-establish Crossfit Fenway as an affiliate on the Games site. We apologize for this happening, seems to have been a paperwork error. No matter what submit your score by Monday 8pm, you can say you performed it at RCF Back Bay. If you haven’t signed up for the Open and still want to, sign up under RCF Back Bay and we can try and transfer you after.

See you all Tuesday!