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SCS_CFF_042110-3845You’ve all done a lot of work over the last couple of weeks on everything we’ve got programmed in tomorrow’s conditioning workout.  Some of you have gotten first unassisted pull-ups or ring dips, and tomorrow, like always, I want you all to really push yourselves with how you get after this one.  If you’re scaling pull-ups or ring dips choose a level of assistance that is challenging (if you’re doing the first round of this one unbroken, you’ve got too much help), and stick with it.  Not only will you be building better movements, but you’ll also be improving your mental toughness, turning off the voices inside you that say “can’t”.

April 27th, 2010

Skill: Core work

Strength: Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

WOD: 21-15-9
Ring dips

Parking is available throughout the day Tuesday at CrossFit Fenway.  The Sox are sending out Clay Buchholz for game two of their series with the Jays.  Buchholz is looking to bounce back from a loss in which he recorded a career high 10 strikeouts.

9 thoughts on “Show Us Whatcha Got”

  1. 9:04 (purple band) I was positive when I read this WOD that I’d breeze right through it but the pull-ups were my undoing (once again).

    Great reunion with Claire, Lindsay, Justin, and Ryan (the original 5:30 posse!), nice to see all of you guys and awesome work on the FS Mike!

    Also very happy that Justin didn’t follow through on his threat to mock me for wearing cycling gloves during my pull-ups . . . my ripped calluses hurt! LOL

    Welcome back Stacey, great to have you back! 🙂

  2. WOD: 6:56-Rx ..agree with shawn great crew this morning at the 5:30, it was a little different than being solo yesterday thats for sure. Welcome home Stacey we’ve all missed you

  3. My arms are gelatinous goo as I type, but a 40kg squat and an all-purple-pull-up WOD have me feeling warm fuzzies…

    Thanks Stace, as always, for the push to be better than I think I can be.

  4. Great 12:00pm crew. I think we had 8 people which was much more than usual. We also had a fresh face, Bill. Welcome to the party!

    10:38 on the WOD and 70kg on the front squat. Started off with the red bands on the pull ups and cruised through the first 21. Quickly realized I’d need a little more help [black] with the second two sets. Definitely getting stronger and I think I’m almost kipping correctly.

    Already looking forward to doing this workout again – my goal is to break 9 minutes next time.

  5. I can now do unassisted dead-hang pull-ups. Not many (like 2), but 2 weeks ago I couldn’t do even one. I am about 10 weeks into CrossFit. I like that my progress is so easy to see through a simple measure like this.

  6. 90kg, 5:55 Rx

    James crushed the workout today. I tried to keep up, but couldn’t match his pace on the pull-ups. Great job, James!

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