Shout Outs

Props to everyone who has completed their goal on the Goals Board by its due date.

  • Jen K got her first pull-up
  • Scott R completed 25 unbroken double unders
  • Haley B and Nathan J did not look like fools at the Beast of the East (quite the contrary)
  • Kristin P has shaken her inhaler
  • Dan P said “I do”

It’s time to take the test for many of you, as a lot of the goals up there have a Thanksgiving due date.  Let’s see some more successes on the board, and set up new goals to take down in the new year.

Wednesday’s metcon has a different, although somewhat familiar feel.  There’s no set number of push-ups to be done, but those are the reps we’ll be counting.  It’s like a short Nicole, featuring different movements for the cardio and gymnastic elements.

November 17th, 2010

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

250m Row
Max Rep Push-ups

*Note push-ups completed in each round

32 thoughts on “Shout Outs”

  1. DL: 140kg
    WOD: 72 pushups – tried to game the push ups but it bit me in the ass – ended up rowing more than I should have which killed me!

    Way to go Ron! and also props to JS for the big DL for 5 reps! I hope one day I can do 200 for 1!

  2. Dead Lift: 120×5
    Disappointed here. I got 140×5 in the sumo recently. I seem to be a better sumo wrestler than necromancer.

    WOD: 167 Push ups.

    I think the key here is to just refuse to get on the erg. It is not your friend. Would you feel more rested after 50 seconds in downward dog, or rowing 250m at a 1:40 split? I chose downward dog.

  3. DL: 121kg (new PR – for some reason I thought you put up 120 on the board, Shruj… will just have to go for 140 next time)

    WOD: 81 pushups, 1750m

  4. Hey all. I’ve been traveling in Denver for work. I’ve been doing drop-ins at local boxes. Oh man… the thin mountain air really affects your WODs. But I really wanted to say, after visiting several boxes, we truly have something special at CFF. While some of the boxes might have larger facilities or more equipment, none of them have come close to the quality and professionalism of our coaches or the camaraderie of the the folks in the class. Cherish what we have at CFF.

    OK. So here are my WODs for the week:

    Tabata – 8 rounds
    Deadlift (185 lbs) / Burpees

    8 rounds:
    10 box jumps (24″)
    10 ring pulls
    10 lunges each leg
    18 minutes and change

    KB swings (1.5 poods)
    Ball slams (30 pounds)

    I’ll be back at CFF tomorrow at 7:30am. Looking forward to working out with you all again!

    1. Oh… and one other thing…. upped my PR for double-unders: 43. Must be that thin air that let’s the rope cut through it more quickly.

    1. Okay, I changed mine to one that actually shows my face.

      Congrats Jen, Scott, Haley, Kristin, and Dan on achieving your goals!

    1. No such thing as “not a deadlifter”. We’ll work on it. There’s no reason your DL is the same as mine… You’re stronger than that.

  5. DL — 82kg, PR by at least 2kg (journal is too cluttered after 5 months)

    WOD — 141 pushups

    Also PR’d my mile this evening; I hit a 6:19, just 4 seconds off my Goal Wall mark. I think trying next time on the track instead of the block around CFF will help (yes, the 6:19 is the converted mile time since the block is 1.03mi).

    Great work everyone!

  6. i definitely should’ve done real push ups last night, because i did 124 on my knees.

    DL: 2×65 – made too big of a jump between sets and didn’t have enough time to decrease and find my 5 rep max. i have more of a bench mark now for next time!

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