Serious Suck Factor

Thursday’s workout sucks.  No way around it.  Sometimes we just need to do those really terrible workouts.  We know they’re going to hurt, but taking on workouts like this will make us stronger physically and mentally.  Learning to deal with the suck, and conquering it is an important part of CrossFit.  Put your head down, plow through, and you’ll come out the other side stronger for it.

October 21st, 2010

Strength: Clean

WOD: 100 Thrusters (45kg/30kg)

  • Begin the workout with 5 burpees.  Perform 5 burpees every minute on the minute until the thrusters are completed.
  • Ideally you won’t need to put your selected weight down for the first minute. Scale down to dumbbells if necessary.
  • There is a 20 minute cap on this workout.
  • If you do 3 consecutive sets of burpees (15) without performing a thruster the workout is over (DNF), and you are to complete the remaining thrusters as quickly as possible, with no further burpees.


Work on your agility, coordination, and balance.  Join your CrossFit Fenway friends at the Havana Club in Central Square on Saturday, October 23rd at 9 PM, for a night of salsa dancing, socializing, and fun.  Lessons and libations are available to help you learn the moves.  Like any WOD, proper footwear can help performance, so try to avoid rubber-soled shoes that will grip the floor and make turning more difficult.

The Beast of the East throwdown at CrossFit New England is Saturday, November 6th.  Our athletes are getting ready.  Mark your calendars, and get ready to come cheer on your CrossFit Fenway teammates.

Compete in the most physically demanding obstacle course available on Saturday, November 13th in Marshfield at Ruckus Boston 2010Stephanie Schneider is helping to organize the CrossFit Fenway team.  Please contact her if you’d like to participate, as discounts are available for teams.

36 thoughts on “Serious Suck Factor”

  1. Quite a humbling morning. Finished 94 reps in the 20 minute cap and spent way too much time staring in hatred at the bar.

    1. good job man, especially after a double wod late last night. i’m still numb from yesterday, there is no way i’d even attempt this workout today.

  2. I felt far from awesome this morning, likely because I had trail mix for dinner while working late last night.

    I found it hard to count today, but pretty sure I did 72 at 25kg. At several moments I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to twenty minutes, so that was a small victory.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  3. Well I went in guns blazing at 25 kilos and was quickly put in my place around minute 7 when I was only doing 1 or 2 thrusters per round after each set of burpees. At that point I scaled back to 20 kilos and I that went a little better.

    50 reps. I look forward to doing this again so I can be like “gosh remember when I did this and it TOTALLY owned me and now it just mostly owned me.”

  4. umm.. eric? nathan? leaving me all alone in the 6am? rude!

    16:55 rx

    i think today’s wod is the definition of “embrace the pain, push the threshold and feel the suck”

    1. i didn’t want to show up because i know you would have embarrassed me!!! that’s a sick time!!!! i def would not have finished!

  5. 31 5’10” 180#

    Hands down the best CF site and programing…..

    Finished 70 something reps in the 20 minute cap. Lost track of my count and my mind……. But just kept on going… Focus on the task at hand, ignore the pain and do what you have to….

    1. Thanks, Pat! Where are you following along from?

      For myself: 73 painful reps at 40kg. Thrusters make me hurt. My legs have not been working very well as the afternoon wears on.

      Silver Lining: all of you who didn’t finish, don’t be sad. Just imagine that you did a really awesome “100 Burpees for Time” workout, plus some thrusters for rest in between the burpees.

      1. Living in East Longmeadow Mass, (out West) Wish I was closer to CFF but that’s life….

        Hit up a local Globe-O-Gym with CJ (he posts now and again), love the funny looks and comment’s we get.

        Thanks again for the challenging workouts…
        I’ll keep up the good work if you do…

  6. Interesting article from the NYT about motivations of elite athletes – particularly in light of today’s WOD!

    “Our hypothesis is that elite athletes are able to motivate themselves continuously and are able to run the gantlet between pushing too hard — and failing to finish — and underperforming,” Dr. Swart said. To find this motivation, the athletes must resist the feeling that they are too tired and have to slow down, he added. Instead, they have to concentrate on increasing the intensity of their effort. That, Dr. Swart said, takes “mental strength,” but “allows them to perform close to their maximal ability.”

  7. this WOD was one of the worst things i think i’ve ever done. it was so mental and i really wish i had someone yelling at me the whole time to pick my f-ing dumbbells up and get to work.

    15:50 with 15#, could’ve done much better but some rounds i was only getting 3 thrusters in. wish i could’ve gotten at least 5 every round – my brain is my worst enemy in workouts like these.

    1. Cal, you are my hero! Any time I think, oh well, I’m small so I’m not going to be the best, I can just look at you killing it! Thanks for being so motivating.

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