Running With Medballs

Running with objects is functional training.  Unless you’re just running for the sake of running, such as in a road race, or for general fitness, life may call for you to bring something with you while you run.  If you’re ever running at or away from danger, odds are you’ll have something in hand.  Many sports demand that you have the ability to run and carry a ball or stick, possibly with the added weight of protective equipment.  Wednesday we’re bringing our CrossFit teddy bears with us for a sprint.  This is a different, more sucky stimulus than running alone, but sometimes life demands it, and life is what we’re training for.

March 30, 2011

Strength: Snatch Balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

3 Individually Timed Rounds:
250m Row
400m Run w/20# Med Ball
250m Row

*3 Minute Rest

14 thoughts on “Running With Medballs”

  1. snatch balance: worked up to 25kg and felt comfortable there

    WOD: 19:57 Rx. Figuring out how to hold that medball with my little dinosaur arms was a real challenge.

  2. Snatch balance: 35kg – Feet are wayyyyyyy too wide for the overhead squat part

    WOD: 17:36 Rx: Felt really good for both parts of this WOD. It was built for lanky folks.

  3. WOD – my first Rx ever! 18:55

    Trying to figure out though why the site says *3 minute rest and Stacy preferred *2? Webmaster edit?

    1. Congratulations, Aaron!

      Also, Stacey does what Stacey does. Just be glad your Tuesday mornings will be cruel and random in a different way, when I’m there. (Constantly varied training is an important aspect of CrossFit, after all.)

    2. Congrats on your first Rx! I fondly remember my first one too, which was only a few months ago. My Rx’s are so few and far between, I made Stacey write Rx’s next to our classes times this morning.

  4. WOD – 18:06 Rx

    I run like a duck when carrying the med ball. Congrats Aaron on your first Rx, your hard work is paying off.

  5. Snatch Balance: 45kg.

    WOD – 18:18 Rx (2 min rest…although personally when zombies are chasing me i’d prefer no rest and something in the pump action variety with an expanded magazine rather than a 20# med ball

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