Running, and more

We’ve had such great weather recently, and we want to take advantage of it.  You just never know when this lamb of a March will turn into the lion we all expected.  Tomorrow we’ve got the longest, uninterrupted run programmed thus far.  A run alone wouldn’t be enough though, so a few pull-ups are added onto the end.  It’s not going to be easy, but you knew that, and we know you wouldn’t want it any other way.020810-8118

March 10th, 2010

Skill: Hang power snatch

Strength: Push press 5-5-5-5-5


For time, complete:

1 mile run

50 pull-ups

Have you voted today? CrossFit Fenway has been nominated as one of the best gyms in Boston by the Boston Phoenix.  You can go here to vote for us (once a day per e-mail address), as well as other great Boston businesses.  Be sure to complete the survey by entering your name and e-mail address, otherwise your vote won’t count.

Community Gathering! Erica and Evan Saint Clair are hosting a breakfast this Saturday, March 13th at 11 AM to support athletes from CrossFit Fenway and CrossFit Boston competing in the upcoming New England Sectionals.  RSVP here by Thursday, March 11th.  We can even coordinate a post invasion car pool to take part in this great community event.

11 thoughts on “Running, and more”

  1. That’s the start of Murph!!

    I’m going to call this “Blastula Murph” and tell everyone at work what I SHOULD be doing instead of my experiment. 🙂

  2. Today rocked!!! It was great to be back with my M/W/F 5:30 peeps and the combo of push press (one of my new favorites along with overhead squats) and the run/pull-ups was . . . dare I say it . . . a lot of fun! LOL

    WOD 12:20 (green band pull ups)

    Also, for all of you who may be wondering why it’s taking so long to shed pounds (something that we talked about a lot today), check out these links from the CF Testimonials message board:


    How amazing is that for 9 months of work (with some strict Paleo thrown in)?! Keep at it, the gains you want are right around the corner. 🙂

    1. Shawn, I’d like to point out that EVERY member also has dedicated one-on-one time – and that we’re completely interested in helping you all craft diet plans that help you meet your goals. Anybody who has a specific body recomposition or weight loss goal is encouraged to send me an email or say hi in the gym. I’ll set up an appointment to go over diet with you.

      The answer isn’t always “paleo”, nor is it always “zone”. It is, however, ALWAYS based in choosing consciously every time you eat something – and having the knowledge necessary to align your choices with your intentions.

      1. Sounds great JT and I have to agree (from a total novice’s standpoint) that paleo, zone, or any other similar nutrition regiment isn’t automatically the right answer for every individual – I’m not doing either at the moment.

        I’m going to definitely take you up on the one/one after another month of CFF. 🙂

      1. He totally did — and then the 7pm class rocked it even more! We should include post workout coughing minutes. I think JT and I beat everyone.

        1. Mile time: 6:52. Pullups were agonizingly slow, total time 11:17.

          Post WOD coughing: I took Nyquil around 1am just so Chandra could get some sleep.

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