Rest Day as RX’d

You try to do every workout we put on the board as RX’d, but what are you doing outside the gym walls to reach that goal and perform your best?  The choices we make regarding rest, recovery, and refueling are just as important as hitting every workout hard.  In fact, if you don’t take care of yourself in the hours you’re not working out it may be tough to continue making athletic gains.

Nutrition and mobility are two areas that are often neglected, but greatly impact performance.  Rest days are the perfect time to put a little extra effort into either or both.  You can use the time you would have spent squatting, pressing, and sweating, at the grocery store, making sure your nutrition plan doesn’t get derailed because your cupboard is bare.  If you’re stocked up at home, use your rest day  to do some advance food prep.  The more food you have ready to go, the less effort it’ll take to stay on point with your nutrition when you’re beat after long day of work and whatever we throw at you.

You’re probably already stretching and doing soft tissue work with a roller or ball everyday (what?  you’re not?  why not?), but on a rest day you can pay special attention to any little dings or dents you’ve picked up.  There’s been a lot of love for Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD (more prominent link coming soon) since it started up last week, and with good reason.  It’s a great website that I recommend you check out, bookmark, read, watch, and follow the instructions of daily.  Rest days are especially good for this.

As always, ask a CrossFit Fenway coach for additional tips on recovery, and go after that RX on your next rest day.

August 30th, 2010

Skill: Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

Strength: High Bar Back Squat 5-5-5

WOD: Complete 3 Rounds for Time of:
550m Run (1 Lap Around the Block)
100m Farmer’s Walk (Kilmarnock and Back) (32kg/24kg)
50 Double Unders


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CrossFit Fenway will be closed this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in observance of Labor Day.

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5 thoughts on “Rest Day as RX’d”

  1. HBBS: 100kg (110 x 2) – I have been stuck at this weight for awhile, I should have probably gone for 105 to get the full 5 out or at least failed at 5.

    WOD: 18:54 rx – not very good – Slow run, slow double unders…..

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