Doesn't Nick look happy in his first edition grey Fenway T-Shirt? Sorry, these are sold out. But we have other nice shirts for you!
First off, I have to recommend the CrossFit Fenway WODbook. It’s a customized logging journal with convenient places for you to note your 1/3/5 Rep Maxes on all our favorite lifts. It has daily sections for your WOD records, and a very handy table in the back of all the benchmark Girl and Hero workouts so you can track your performance and celebrate your PRs.

In addition, the WODbooks also have great lists of Bodyweight workouts to do on the road, and excellent Paleo and Zone reference guides for when you’re not sure how many blocks you’re getting into (or whether or not that cookie is Paleo). There’s a ton of information buried in this WODbook, which makes it a perfect travel companion for your gym bag, no matter if you’re headed to Fenway or taking your game on the road! Just $20 for a logbook that will last you well over a year!

We love CrossFit Fenway. We know you love CrossFit Fenway. Why not give everyone you meet a chance to know more about this awesome place that you love?

Hoodies. I'm so excited I can't even handle it.The Fenway Hoodie is an excellent way to show your pride, no matter where you’re going. Note: Coach Eric’s “thug life” pose is entirely optional. At $50, they’re cheaper than a generic CrossFit hoodie. These are both lightweight and incredibly warm – we got really lucky picking an awesome hoodie the first time out, and the distressed print looks great. You can totally buy one today, or get us to put it on your tab when you’re in the facility next!

If you’re looking for a great t-shirt that exemplifies our philosophy here at CrossFit Fenway and also just looks really cool, we also have cotton/poly blend shirts in blue or dark green! These are American Apparel shirts, made in the USA, and wicked comfortable. Just $25 in the Store!

Whether you love CrossFit Fenway or just want to represent Boston and the Sox when you’re on the road, all of these are great options and more are available in our online store. We’ll keep you updated as more hot new merch comes in!