Renegade Rows

This isn’t a bizarre use of the ergs.  Thursday we’ve programmed a dumbbell complex that includes 2 push-ups and a row with each arm to complete 1 rep.  You’re looking at 60 push-ups on dumbbells tomorrow.  Add 200 double unders to the mix for what promises to be a tasty combination on your shoulders.

September 15, 2011
Strength: High Bar Back Squat 5-5-5-15+
(ideally final set is 60%-75% of best set of 5 for max reps)

10 Renegade Rows (35#/25#)
40 Double Unders
8 Renegade Rows
40 Double Unders
6 Renegade Rows
40 Double Unders
4 Renegade Rows
40 Double Unders
2 Renegade Rows
40 Double Unders


FIGHT GONE BAD 6 is this Saturday, September 17th.  This year the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the Infant Swim Resource, and Camp Patriot are benefiting from the fundraising efforts.  We’ll be running heats at CrossFit Fenway in lieu of an invasion workout beginning at 11 AM.  If you’re registered as part of the CrossFit Fenway team, please be sure to sign up for a heat.  All are welcome to come cheer, support, and keep score as part of this great community event.

14 thoughts on “Renegade Rows”

  1. HBBS: 55kg/40kg for 15
    WOD: 15:25@20# DBs

    I forgot how much I missed a “Stacey warm-up” until this week. 3 is enough for me! 🙂

  2. HBBS – 120kg x 5 / 80kg x 31
    WOD – 9:18 Rx
    A big thank you to Stacey for coming in early and helping me with my kipling pull ups…I can finally link them together!

  3. HBBS — 55kg, then 30 reps @ 40kg

    WOD — 11:42Rx. Shoulder smoker! For some reason I remembered during the WOD that Demi Moore did renegade rows in G.I. Jane.

  4. HBBS – 110kg x 5 (PR) / 75kg x 20
    WOD – 23:15 with 25#

    And absolutely terrible performance for the WOD this morning due to lost double-unders. Sooo frustrating. I was doing 1 double-under at at time for the first round which took me almost 9 minutes. Things started to come together for the next 4 rounds and finished off with a much better performance. It’s crazy how easy these double-unders come and go. Need more practice.

  5. My calves might be too sore from lots of broad jumps in NYC yesterday for these DUs today…

    But a re-post:
    Post FGB socializing
    Saturday, 8pm, Atlantic Beer Garden

  6. HBBS: 90×5 (PostIllness PR)60×30
    Mistaken WOD at RX weight:
    10 RR, 50 DU, 8 RR, 40 DU, 6 RR, 30 DU, 4 RR, 20 DU, 2 RR, 10 DU: 6:45

    I then added 60 DU once Scott and I realized I’d screwed up: 7:52

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