Regional WOD 3

Regional workout 3 was a strenuous burner workout that pushed the worlds top crossfiters to their strength and endurance limits. For the individual competitors the workout consisted of 315 lb deadlifts and 30 inch box jumps for the men, and 205 lb deadlifts and 24 inch box jumps for the women. For the team competition the weights were 275 and 185. Aaron and Haley did the workout in a combined time of 8:01. That time was good enough for third best in the northeast and sixth best in the world. Haley also did all of the deadlifts unbroken.

A lot of times as trainers we get asked wether it is better to go heavy or go fast. For this workout we want both. Load up the bar and blast through it!

Overhead Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

Deadlifts (275/185)
Box Jumps (30″/24″)

10 thoughts on “Regional WOD 3”

  1. OHS: 102 kg (90 lb. PR)

    WOD: 6:06 @ 143KG and 24″ box but subbed 28-20-12 for reps to even out to total work for box jumps

    Happy B-Day Pope!!

  2. OHS – 20 kg (as in just the bar). I am working on something called shoulder flexibility. They tell me this is important since I have none.

    WOD @ 220# DL and 30″ box jumps – 8:08

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