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You yell “TIME!”.  Your workout is complete.  From this point until your next workout, whether it’s in 24 hours, 12 hours, or 10 minutes, is your recovery time.  Are you drinking enough water?  Do you move around and stretch out?  Foam roll?  How’s your nutrition?  What you do to refuel and tune yourself up directly impacts performance in your next workout, and more importantly in life.  If you have questions or need info about what you can do ask one of the coaches at CrossFit Fenway.  We’d all be happy to help you get ready for your next challenge.

Speaking of nutrition, paleo got some pub in the NYT, with a shout out to CrossFit and everything.


January 12th, 2010

Skill: forward rolls, tripods, headstands


Press 5-5-3-3-1-1-1


Complete 4 rounds for time of:

15 Supermen

25 Sit-ups

40 Squats (1st and 3rd rounds are jumping squats)

12 thoughts on “Recovery Time”

  1. WOD: 7:31 (Rx)

    Anyone have thoughts on the best thing to eat or drink after a workout? Specifically, are there any foods that can speed up muscle recovery and/or minimize soreness during the following day’s workout? Both Paleo and non-Paleo options would be great.

    1. Jon, plenty of water before, during, and after workouts. Sticking to clean, quality foods (meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit) is a big help, and I’ve found that fish oil has really improved my recovery.

    2. Im a huge fan of the chocolate milk sold at Marshal’s 🙂 Chocolate milk has been show to really help muscle recovery (you can google search it vs. gatorade or water and find a ton of articles) but best of all, it just tastes damn good (go for the glass bottle)! Sadly not Paleo…but Im sure coconut milk with ground cocoa could be equally delicious, not sure about the benefits though.

  2. Stacey pretending to be JT

    I second the fish oil! It really does help. Drink half your body weight in ounces every day of water. And important to get some sort of protein/carb mix into your body within 40 minutes after a workout.

  3. On the topic of recovery….

    Is there any strategy for the timing of any non crossfit activities we might do…like running, skiing, biking…

    I’ve found that running actually helps relieve muscle soreness for me, but I was reading on crossfit endurance site that I shouldn’t be running more than 3 times per week. I usually go about 5 times per week and starting this week one of those days will be a track work out w/my triathlon team.

    I do run for fitness/performance reasons, but I also run just for the enjoyment. It’s time I spend with and exercise for my dog, time I spend outside, sometimes I run with friends, it’s a good start to the day that helps me not be rude to certain coworkers…do I really need to go down to 3 days?

    Definitely don’t want to get injured and do have a history of over training injuries, but those usually only happen when I push 40+ miles per week…

    Will running screw with my recovery?


    (that was long but you told us to use the blog so there ya go!)

  4. Erin, CrossFit Endurance recommends following their endurance workouts 3 times/week while also following a standard 3 days on 1 day off CrossFit program (that’s 8-9 high intensity workouts a week). In order to follow a program like this you need to hydrate, eat, and supplement well, or you’ll eventually begin to see degradation in performance.

    You’re here at CrossFit Fenway 3-4 times/week. Some short, light runs with friends and pets can be a great way to actively recover, as you’ll be moving around and staying loose. High intensity track work with your triathlon team, and similar training is adding another workout to your schedule.

    The key is to take care of and listen to your body. You want to avoid over training, as you said, and the more you’re working out the less you’re recovering. Don’t stop running, just pay close attention to what your body’s telling you.

    If you’re interested in supplementing your work here at CrossFit Fenway with CrossFit Endurance or similar workouts we can definitely work with you on putting together a plan next time you’re in.

  5. Cool thanks! That cleared things up. I would be interested in going over the CFE stuff. Aside from overall health and fitness, my goals fluxuate throughout the year, so I could use some advice on how to add supplementary activities at intensity to a crossfit base accordingly. I’ll be in tomorrow morning.

    See ya then, Erin

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