Push Hard

While our Tuesday workout looks pretty basic at first glance, it is generally those workouts that end up being the hardest.  We are doing high rep front squats, and an 8 minute, burner of an AMRAP.  While 8 minutes doesn’t seem as daunting as a long hero workout or chipper, this is a time domain that can hurt the worst if you are someone who understands how to push yourself.  You have limited time to rack up the rounds and reps.  When you here the 3.2.1 Go! move with a sense of urgency, transition quick, and move fast.

TUE 11/29
Front Squat 5-5-5-15+

6 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
12 Box Jumps (30″/24″)


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8 thoughts on “Push Hard”

  1. FS: 45kg for 5 and then 25 at 30kg. My legs are pretty tired/sore from deadlifting yesterday, and this is definitely not a 5 rep PR. hindsight, should’ve gone for 35kg for my 15+

    WOD: 5+8 Rx.

  2. Front Squat: 75 kg for 5; 55kg for 17 reps

    WOD: 5 + 3 (not giving myself the Rx because some of my CTB pullups weren’t quite there)

  3. FS: 90kg X5, 55kg x20
    WOD: 5 + 5 Rx – No repped myself on 7 of the C2B’s, which is a lot of extra work.
    Frustrating to not quite make contact.

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