Pull and Push

Eric’s on a road trip Monday through Wednesday, so that means you’ll be getting a big dose of JT for the next few days. I’ll be blogging and running the evening classes.

This week we’re working on Pistols – those awesome single-legged squats. I really enjoy having this as a skill of the week, because it’s a common CrossFit skill, and yet at the same time it’s uncommon to find a CrossFitter who can bang out reps. At the CrossFit Games in California, it became clear what affiliates programmed Pistols and which ones didn’t: Pistols came up in one of the Affiliate WOD competitions.

I think it’s fair to say that single element shifted the results of the multi-day competition significantly. You either have Pistols, or you don’t. It doesn’t take much practice to get competent with them, and I have confidence that you’ll see huge progress this week by working on these a few times. Get focused this week and you’ll be more prepared for anything – and that’s what we’re striving for, after all.

I heart today’s workout. A nice big pull to start your day, and then a whole lotta pushing to keep you moving towards your goals. See you in the facility!

August 16th, 2010

Skill: Pistols

Strength: Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

7 Dumbbell Push Press (20% body weight in each hand)
7 Burpees


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The Sox are at home all week, so there is NO free parking for evening classes at CrossFit Fenway on Monday. (Come early to find street meters or 2 hour visitor spots back on Peterborough, if you must drive.)

14 thoughts on “Pull and Push”

  1. i am a self-confessed geek. it’s funny how much i look forward to seeing what tomorrow’s workout is! when i can’t make it, i still look (and usually swear at myself for not fitting a visit to crossfit into my schedule). anyway, looking forward to week #11!

  2. As the sole attendee of the 5:30 class, I got EXTRA attention to my form on the DL’s from Stacey…so lucky! 😛

    DL — 75kg PR
    WOD — 8 rounds flat Rx+ (25#, about 22% BW), got in the air on the last burpee just as the clock hit 10:00

    Great Monday burner!

  3. The ladies were representing this morning!

    DL: 80kg (new PR by 15kg!)
    WOD: 9 rounds with 25lbs. As Amy said – it’s a workout when the burpees feel like a break!

  4. 120kg, and I could have gone higher! Next time…

    6 rounds, Rx @35#, +2. Damn, my shoulders hate me, but this is how I show them I love them, and want them to get better.

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