CrossFit Fenway more resembles an academy than the standard “gym”. We offer several programs at CrossFit Fenway, and will be continuing to broaden our offerings with more auxiliary programs and weekend seminars (electives).

What is CrossFit Membership?

Membership is the core curriculum, and you can consider your membership dues as tuition. The teaching doesn’t stop at learning the basics of the movements – mastery can take many years.

Membership at CrossFit Fenway comes in many different levels, based on how many days each week you want to be able to attend classes.

  • Three days per week is a good place for a beginner looking to get started on a CrossFit program, or someone looking to maintain their existing level of fitness.
  • Two days a week is a fine way to supplement your other sport-specific training with our incredibly effective General Physical Preparedness program.
  • Unlimited members are training for competition or pushing themselves to a more elite level of fitness. They have broader access to the facilities (including our sister facility, CrossFit Somerville) and trainers, and additional customized programming to help them prepare for their competitive goals.

What is Team Competition Training?

CrossFit Fenway was proud to have athletes qualify as individuals and as a team for the World Championships of the CrossFit Games 2011. We continue that tradition by inviting athletes who wish to prepare for the coming CrossFit Games Open to train as a team and prepare for the challenges of the Games. From this Competition Training team we select the members who will represent CrossFit Fenway at the Regional Games Event and strive to return to California for the World Championships!

If you’re interested in the Competition Team, please send Eric an email asking for more information and our competition training schedule.

What is the CrossFit Fenway Internship Program?

We are proud of the quality of our coaching at CrossFit Fenway. We train our coaches internally, recruiting from the most enthusiastic and skilled of our client family who are desirous of taking their CrossFit experience to a new level.

The CrossFit Fenway Internship Program is a 2-3 month structured curriculum with clear expectations set up front of both your and our commitments. The heart of the training is 1-on-1 education with our Coaches in how to observe and correct movements in athletes for all of the core elements commonly used in our CrossFit programming. The internship also includes coursework on customer service skills, presentational skills, sensitivity training, and dynamics of therapeutic relationships. Please note that at this time we do require applicants to our Internship Program already be active members at CrossFit Fenway. Part of learning what we do – and why the quality we emphasize is important – is being a part of our classes and continuing your own training with us!

We work with applicants to schedule classes that work with your existing school or work (and training) schedule. We are always interested in talking with you about taking steps to being a Fenway coach. Please get in touch with Eric to learn more.