Practice Makes Perfect

The overhead squat is the most advanced squat we do. In my opinion it is also the least understood. Overhead squatting fails from the top down. First the shoulders, then the core, lastly the lower half. This is important to know when going about overhead squatting, for strength and in a metcon. Too many times we go into squatting with little focus on what we are doing. Weight up, squat down, back up. Seems simple. But all of our movements have points of emphasis that one should go through before an attempt, squats included. If you are getting frustrated by overhead squats, think about what is going wrong. Fire up those shoulders, tighten the core, and stay on your heals as you lower. Challenge yourself to go through your mental checklist before you get the weight on your shoulders. Practicing mental conditioning works the same way as muscle memory. Get into the habit of thinking about your lift before you attempt and things will improve. As always, flexibility plays a major part in this lift, so spend some time getting the muscle groups we use warmed up. Practice makes perfect in all things we do.

Get ready to pull in today’s metcon. Deadlifts into pullups and back to deadlifts. Prescribed weight for the deadlift is relatively light but the reps are big. Scale appropriately with these and the pullups. Make the work fast. Remember, keep moving, fight through the bad feeling, and get the work done.

February 17, 2011


Overhad Squat



25 Deadlifts (100kg, 70kg)

50 Pullups

25 Deadlifts

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9 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect”

  1. OHS – 45 kg. A PR!

    WOD – 9:40 with 60 kg, 1 red on 15 pull-ups and 2 reds on the last 35. This was a tough wod on the hands.

  2. OHS: 85kg

    WOD: 7:30 – Give or take a few seconds, I forgot after cheering Miss Julie through her last reps. Also, uuuuuugly deads in the second set.

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