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This feels a bit funny, as most of the people that I’d like to read this and take action probably won’t, but here it goes all the same.  Post to comments.  I love seeing comments from everyone throughout the day, and I want more.  Thank you to those of you that post.  I encourage you to encourage others.  For those of you that read this and don’t post, give it a try.  It’s harmless, habit forming fun.

It’s always great reading about progress and PRs while I’m away from the gym, even if it’s only for a few hours.  Without the comments I wouldn’t have known about Jen K. and Pope reaching their July goals (5 consecutive pull-ups and a sub 10 minute mile respectively.  Congratulations!).  The comments are a space for you to share your experiences, build our community, and help the coaches continue to make this the best place we can.  Whether it’s a PR, a good WOD story, a funny link, or a useful resource, post to comments.

August 4, 2011
Strength: Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5

3 Rounds:
5 Curtis P. + Push Presses (55kg/35kg)
10 Bar Facing Burpees


CrossFit Fenway Endurance
Running is a skill.  Just as with any other movement in CrossFit, instruction and practice are necessary to improve.  The CrossFit Fenway Endurance program is a supplemental, 8 session course that will be held on Saturday mornings at 9 AM, beginning August 20th, and running through early October.  This course is for anyone who wants to work to improve their skill.  Over the 8 sessions we will cover POSE running technique, and supplementing your CrossFit training with endurance programming.  Space is limited, so contact Eric for more information and to reserve your spot.

FIGHT GONE BAD 6: Registration for Fight Gone Bad 6 is open.  This year the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the CrossFit Foundation are benefiting from the fundraising efforts.  Sign up and join in this great community event as a part of the CrossFit Fenway team.

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  1. I did the endurance training last summer and I have to say, it definitely helped my running. I shaved a few minutes off my 5K and PRed my mile by a minute. Definitely worth it.

  2. Hi, Eric – I don’t post since I moved back to FL last year, but I read your updates every day – they are very inspirational to me. I obsessively followed the Crossfit Games and want to congratulate you all. I miss CFF!

  3. FS — 45kg, limiting factor is still the elbows
    WOD — 9:11Rx

    Here’s a story (per Eric’s request for stories): on Tuesday evening I ran a 10 mile road race in Newburyport, the same one I did last year as my first foray into real distance. This was my longest run by far in nearly 3 months…finished in just under 1:22:00 (net time), a whole 6:30 faster than last year! This was huge for me coming back from an injury that has kept me from doing the overall mileage that I’d like to.

    I have done a lot of work in the past year, but also owe a lot to our community at CFF. It’s great to be part of a group of people who strive for continuous improvement.

    1. damn! you started off with 10 miles and then started running marathons?! that’s awesome! i’ve been a runner most of my life (competitively through college) and i don’t have the balls to run a marathon. get it, girl!

        1. Ha Scrappy. Beating Oprah was my goal too. It took me 4 marathons to beat her. Then I started changing my goal to be Al Gore, George Bush, and the host of other celebrities which have run marathons. Beat them all except for that damn Lance Armstrong.

          1. What was Lance Armstrong’s time? I am training for the chicago marathon and I heard he is also running that one too. Could be a good goal….

  4. Bonnie LeBlanc

    Hi, Eric – I read your comments every day. I don’t post comments since I moved back to Florida, but I find them very inspirational. I obsessively followed the Crossfit Games and want to congratulate all of you. I really miss CFF.

  5. FS: 45kg PR (finally, a squat pr!)

    WOD: 8:45 with 30kg. Damn you, bar facing burpees. I also had a really difficult time counting to 5 doing curtis p’s. that’s a lot of movement for 1 rep!

  6. FS – 85kg – PR
    WOD – 8:18 @ 40kg

    Actually really liked this workout. Curtis Ps are tough, but likable – kind of like my 3rd grade English teacher.

  7. Hey, I’m a crossfitter at crossfit newton. Although I follow crossfit newtons WOD’s there are often days when I hit 2 WODS as the im going to school in a week and am no longer working my summer job. Everyday I go to a few crossfit sites and check out the WOD’s and articles and crossfit fenway is one of my favorites. I enjoy reading the daily articles and will continue to in the future. Just a comment from a friendly neighbor crossfitter.

  8. FS: 52kg

    WOD: 7:56 Rx

    This was my first WOD at Rx since joining CFF 3 weeks ago. Thanks to everyone in the 11:30 class for all of their encouragement(especially Yosh)!

  9. I’m baa-aack!

    Two WODs in and I can barely walk, am struggling to breathe, and lifting Lilliputian-level weight. Can’t stop smiling, however…

  10. FS: 40kg – PR, but still working on technique.
    WOD: 7:56 @ 20kg. Had troubles with 30kg for some reason (fell down). So, I pulled 10kg after the first set of Curtis Ps. Too light for me for the push press, but seemed to be what I could manage today on the lunges. Legs really tired for some reason. We’ll conquer this another day.

  11. … about hip flexors today. Ouch! What a way to target them.

    FS: 70 kg
    WOD: 7:05 30 kg (not happy, but I finished)

  12. FS: 37 kg. Not a huge improvment but a PR none the less so I’ll take it!

    WOD: 6:45 22 kg (although this was a tough workout I probably could have gone a bit heavier. Next time!)

  13. Never posted before but if Eric says post to the comments I can’t do otherwise!

    Front Squat 85kg
    WoD: 7:58 Rx

    Since of today proud owner of CFF t-shirt! Yaaaaaaaay!

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