Positioned for Success

Dan P. completeing a pull

Starting position is very important to most efficiently execute a big lift.  Getting into that best start position doesn’t just happen by accident, it requires some prep.  Just so happens that the Internet’s longest running series of mobilization videos, Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD provided some of the jumping off points in order to get ready to deadlift over the last couple of days (Episode 104 & Episode 105), and Monday we’re going for a heavy single in the dead.  Check out the videos, grab a lacrosse ball, baseball, coffee mug, wine bottle, or whatever other torture implement you’ve got lying around, get mobilizing, and get ready for a big pull Monday.

December 6, 2010

Strength: Deadlift 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

10 Push Press (50kg/35kg)
10 Pistols, alternating

28 thoughts on “Positioned for Success”

  1. DL: 233kg, excited to be over 500lbs (513)
    WOD: knee still nagging me so subbed 28″ box jumps for pistols. 10 rounds

    1. Holy shit dude. I still check back in here every so often to see how my adopted Boston Crossfit friends are doing but that’s just plain ol’ rude. Damn man, next time I’m out you’re gonna be running circles around me…

  2. congrats on 500, Justin!

    DL: 140kg (excited to be finally over 300lbs. grip slipped on first try when skin broke for the first time ever, but new PR nonetheless)

    WOD: 7rds @ 40kg

  3. DL: 90 kg. pr! I thought this was 200 pounds but it looks like I’m 1.6lbs short. Next time!

    WOD: 5 rounds + 8 at 25 kg and modified pistols.

  4. DL- 110 KG- working my way back up…

    WOD- 35KG PP, Pistol w green box and 15 kg plate (R knee is a little tweaky)

    6 rounds + 10PP + 2 Pistols

    Nice work ladies and Pope! 🙂

  5. Awesome work everyone! I looked at the board and thought, “what are all those blue marks next to the deadlift weights?” Looked closer and realized they were PRs. Almost everyone PR’d this morning. Great job!

  6. wicked good work out today! awesome to watch all the prs happening:D
    100kgs for my pr
    6 rounds + 5, 25 kgs and modified pistols.

  7. DL — 100kgs (2x BW)…into the triple digit club!

    WOD — 6rds + 10pp (pp @ 30kg, pistols on agro box w/5kg plate)

    Way to show Monday who’s boss, CFF’ers!

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