We’re working on pistols this week.  What’s a pistol?  It’s a one-legged squat.  How is that functional?  The pistol develops balance, as well as strength in each leg individually.  If not practiced it can be difficult to jump right into a set, but with a little time and effort the pistol can help perfect your air squat, leading to improved numbers in weighted squats.  This move can be a challenging one to learn, but there are many ways to progress towards a free standing pistol, and you can try them all to find the one that works best for you.


February 23rd, 2010

Skill: Pistols

Strength: 5 Rounds – max push ups


50 lateral jumps over a 20 kg plate

30 single arm dumbbell thruster and lunge

50 lateral jumps over a 20 kg plate

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8 thoughts on “Pistols”

  1. You know you had a kick ass workout when your leg balks and trembles when you try to engage the clutch in your car. LOL

    Totally agree with Justin, really awesome workout today . . . quite enjoyed all three phases. Looking forward to making progress with Pistols as well and I can’t wait until the 5 rounds of push ups comes around again. Going to be shooting for solid double digits on each round the next time that bad boy comes to town. 🙂

  2. Thanks to Stacey for a great first workout at Crossfit Fenway. I felt like puking the entire time, but being pushed to the limit is why I signed up. I can’t wait to see the results in a few months time.

    I look forward to meeting everyone and fighting through the WODs with you all soon.

  3. Congrats Mike!!! Take my word for it, the pukies subside after the 2nd week. I’m not saying you’ll never feel pukie because you will some times as you keep pushing yourself to higher performance levels . . . but I guarantee you’ll find that the feeling will become increasingly rare and that you’ll be recovering very fast within 4 weeks (based on my short experience).

    Welcome to CFF and get ready for fitness/strength gains you probably never believed were possible! 🙂

  4. I’m going to be cautious about my comments so as to not invoke a 5 burpee sentencing…Great workout today, pointed out a couple further areas of weakness I was unaware of (hips – pistols, max pushup), but gives me more things to work out on my own. WOD – 11:18.

    Eric – where can I purchase some of the pull up assistance bands? I wanted to practice at home but I like the ones you have so wanted to mimic the exact levels.

    Congrats Mike…I almost puked today too…but I agree normally it gets better after a few weeks! Welcome and look forward to working out with you.

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