Picking Up Heavy Stuff

Tomorrow we deadlift.  Probably my favorite lift, because there’s nothing more fun, or more functional than picking up some really big weight.  Think about it, with proper technique to safely execute heavy deadlifts you are training your body to pick up all kinds of stuff outside the gym.  Whether it’s making day-to-day tasks easier (stuff you might not enjoy, like bringing in groceries or doing laundry), or making more heroic feats possible, the ability to safely pick up heavy objects is incredibly useful.  Come train to get better at life.

1229REMINDER: Wednesday, December 30th will be the last day of regularly scheduled classes this week.  We will have one workout Thursday morning at 9 AM open to all members, after which we will be closed until Monday, January 4th.

December 29, 2009

Skill: Kipping Pull-ups

Strength: Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5


Complete 5 rounds for time of:

10 single arm kettlebell swings (5 each arm)

10 parallette push-ups

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